Have you ever thought that even online food ordering website can get hacked by cyber-crime people? It can be quite surprising that even the largest food ordering online site is not well secured.

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The Breach In Security Experienced In Massive Scale

Many people leave their personal details and card details with online food ordering website. But even the largest companies for food delivery are now days facing security breaches.

The leading websites have declared that they have faced a huge loss in data containing the customer details and their passwords. These things protect a website. Even the high measures of security in these websites failed to prevent this huge stealth of data by the hackers.

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The Dark Side of Online Food Ordering Website

Recently the dark side of the online food ordering website had been flashed across the world. By seeing these reports it has become evident that local server media of the websites have breached and this has led to auctioning of the customer data at a very low rate to the cyber hackers.

The hackers are using the aid of alias of these servers to break into the system and gather their information. There is a marketplace of Dar Web in the online area where from the hackers are getting their information about the customers of these sites.

In short, the leading brands of online food delivery have compromised on their security and have auctioned up against the customer details. The owners of these major online food service providers are launching all important bugs in the servers of their website in order to prevent more hacking of this manner.

Hacking A Website With The Code Cracks

One needs to understand that a hacker doesn’t get access to a website directly just with the server code. These online food ordering websites have set up security measures that only enable certain IP address to access their internal servers.

But a smart hacker can get access to the entire server by cracking the entire code of the site. What is a remote access code for? There remains a deprecated area in every system that is vulnerable. This only leads to the breaking of code by the hackers.

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Updating The Security Of The System

The cyber attackers who could hack through the system of food ordering sites also got the encrypted password details of all the customers. Code breaking algorithms can decrypt a website easily.

The companies are updating their system for security by arranging random characters together. Even as a user, it becomes your responsibility to update your password.

Recent Updates

The recent cyber-attacks on the online food ordering websites have seen the common trend of attack as below-

  • Ransomware activity demanding high payments from the website owners to release the data.
  • The virtual holding of the customer data
  • Force closure of the websites leading to loss of data

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