Online Shopping Sites are very much prone to Bugs and Malware attacks. One step went wrong and the entire website can go down the drain. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Hence, if you have decided to host an e-commerce website on your own, you need to be very cautious about the online web security. Every step, development, technique and procedure must be at your fingertips.

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Let’s have a quick glance at the common mistakes people make while securing an e-commerce website.

7 Common Mistakes We Make While Securing Online Shopping Sites

  1. Manipulation of price

When you add some product to your cart for shopping in websites, your server sends 2 requests to the server –

i) the price of the item and ii) the ID.

This request is prone to attacks wherein, the price can be changed by simple interception of the attacker on the server. This can happen due to change in currency or while you apply some discount coupon.

  1. Fund Transfer Of Gift Vouchers

While you do a fund transfer amongst two gift vouchers, you open a chance of Race Conditions. We don’t realize that these conditions are highly prone to exploitation by attackers. The latter tends to hack such offers and manipulate the end product price. 

  1. Gift Vouchers That Come With Numbers That Increment

Have you ever received a gift voucher with incrementing numbers sequentially? This is quite an easy opportunity for an attacker to manipulate the number. How? Well, they might manipulate the incrementing sequence thereby making unethical use of it.

Web developers tend to overlook this matter. My suggestion: Do not overlook any aspect of online security when it comes to online business. Hackers are smart. You have to be smarter. That’s the whole point!

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  1. Codes in Coupons

Coupon codes are subject to hacking due to their numbers and fund transfers. It is even possible for the expert attackers to take a ‘wild’ guess on your coupon code.

This generally happens when the online shopping sites generate two or more variations of codes for coupons with different offers.

  1. Competitors DDoSing

DDoSing a competitor used to be very common few days back. This happens as customers look out for alternative seller option in online shopping sites of the server user and this effect remains for long period. 

  1. Stock Figuring

Attackers can create a big deal out of the availability of stock.  They would add some item to the attacker’s cart, making it evident for you to visit some other option as your preferred one is unavailable. This helps the competitor e-commerce websites to make the profit.

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 7. Credit Card stealing

Retailers are still looking forward to preventing this issue in various ways, but stealing used use of those stolen credit cards is a common problem faced because of the attackers.

As this stealth of credit card is reported by the card owner, the charge imposed upon for products bought by an attacker is charged back creating trouble for the website owner.