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  • The year 2020 will experience a spike in smartphone users reach in mobile apps
  • AR/VR advancements will increase multifold by the year 2022
  • Mobile App Market Growth will be higher in the years between 2020 and 2026

We are bidding adieu to the world of desktop and computer systems and are rapidly moving towards cutting-edge technologies, thanks to the top AR mobile app development companies 2020. The trend of ‘go mobile’ has become common for everyone from their primary to luxurious needs. Gone were the days when well-established entrepreneurs were investing in the layout designing of a responsive website. Today, a notable number of businesses are relying on mobile apps due to the growing demand and usage of phablets, mobiles, and tablets. The working of advanced mobile applications is arguably different from that of the integrated software systems. As the usage of smartphones continues to nurture worldwide, the need for user-friendly mobile apps will also increase. Smartphones have gained more than a 40% penetration rate in the technology sphere in less than ten years. We can take cues from mobile games and calculators. Some of the potential benefits of mobile applications that are creating magnetism towards consumers are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Security and privacy
  • Faster accessibility 
  • Instant payments 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Push notifications 

Apart from this, the sphere of technology is also experiencing a commendable of advancement, especially among business domains. The concept of augmented reality and Virtual reality has become an indispensable part of every business’ growth and development. This technology helps in reducing and eradicating the chances of onsite accidents by instructing employees at their workplaces. Going by the present scenario, with the onset of global pandemic COVID-19, the trend of E-learning is increasing like anything. It is enhancing the learning experience and is smartly entering people’s lives by incorporating advanced technological tools. In the forthcoming years, this digital era of Augmented and Virtual reality will take the world to a different place. Modern learners in the education sectors are offering a warm welcome to this concept and are happily accepting its perspective. But why should a business consider AR/VR technology? And what are the top 10 AR mobile App Development Companies 2020? After contemplating and surveying the app market and companies, we have collected some trending statistics of the AR/VR market and how technology will shape the future of businesses.

Trending Statistics of AR/VR Market 

Businesses are moving to augmented and virtual reality at an unstoppable pace. Almost every industry’s primary aim is to offer the best service to its target audience and ultimate consumers. Just a year back, statistics of AR-supporting smartphone users stood at 1.5 billion. And as per the projections, the year 2020 will experience another spike in this reach. Big brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others are showing promising results in adapting the AR/VR technology. Apart from this, going by the latest projections by IDC research (2018), investment in these AR/VR advancements will increase multifold by the year 2022. With the cost-effectiveness and latest technology, users are also relying heavily on this adaption by small to large scale organizations. The reason behind this dependence of users is that it also helps in eliminating the potential language barriers. These statistics show businesses a bright ray of hope to gain growth and development. Also, with the increasing usage of AR/VR technology usage, the mobile app market growth will also witness a noticeable increase in the upcoming years.

Future of Augmented & Virtual Reality 

It is believed that the world of app development all across the globe will witness an exponential spike of $407.31 billion by 2026. The mobile app statistics suggest that by 2020, there will be an exponential growth in the app market world of more than 6.95 billion mobile users. Thus, the Mobile App Market Growth will be higher in the years between 2020 and 2026. It is an undeniable fact that the future of these is bright and flourishing. Organizations will explore and adapt this computer-generated reality to provide their users with the seamless experience of the ‘new reality’. Some of the fields in which augmented and virtual reality technologies will be highly implemented are namely:

  • Education sector
  • Medicinal and Surgical sector
  • Computer-generated architecture
  • Real estate business
  • Mass Communication and Journalism
  • Skilled traders

The future of VR App Development Companies seems to be dazzling, but it is worth noticing that why all of a sudden, this technology has overtaken the world of websites. Let us now understand some of the potential differences between the mobile app vs the website.

 Mobile App vs. Website 

Mobile App Website
Cost-effective Relatively Expensive
Works well even in offline mode Requires internet connection
Helps in user engagement Helps in attracting the target audience
Expansive and appealing features Comes with relatively fewer features
The hand-held feature makes it work fast with instant outcomes. Requires desktop or computer system that makes the experience less satisfying
Works on a single platform Works on multiple platforms



The technological advancements in the app market are making the world a technological hub for app-savvy consumers and entrepreneurs. In such a situation, Top 10 AR mobile App Development Companies 2020 are trying to come up with innovative technologies to offer tailored services to the end-users. The top 10 AR mobile App Development Companies 2020 are:

  1. Hidden BrainsVolumetree
  2. Sankalp
  3. Prismetric
  4. FATbit Technologies
  5. Crest Coder 
  6. KPIs
  7. OpenXcell 
  8. IndiaNIC
  9. Innofied

Virtual reality and top VR App Development Companies are setting their name in the app market and among top businesses. This technology is giving jaw-dropping experiences of virtual reality to both the users and the entrepreneurs. The bespoke VR app development companies are gaining commendable popularity in the industry. Some of the top VR app development companies are:

  1. Copper Mobile
  2. CemtrexLabs
  3. Nimblechapps Ltd
  4. hedgehog lab
  5. Innotical Solutions
  6. Accubits Technologies Inc
  7. Quytech
  8. BMS Innolabs Software Pvt.Ltd

These are the top AR/VR mobile app development companies that are prevailing in the industry. They are best known for providing their target audiences with the best services with the optimum usage of the available resources. The concept of mobile app development along with the AR/VR computer-generated technology is adding wow factor to many businesses. Moreover, the technology is also assisting in enhancing brand awareness, reducing language barriers, and also improves user engagement towards business activities. Augmented and virtual reality is the new reality of the mobile applications market.