Visual Search

Welcome to Ethical Ocean's Visual Search

Get Microsoft Silverlight

  • Visual Search requires the installation of Microsoft Silverlight 4, and is supported on PC and MAC platforms. Linux support is forthcoming.
  • This feature is in BETA and is still being tested. Any feedback is welcome!
  • Please disable your popup blocker for this page
  • Instructions:
    • Use the filters on the left hand side to narrow your search. E.g. choosing "Animal-Friendly" and "Organic" would give you all products which fit into either ethical category.
    • Use the search box on the top left to look up a product or producer by name.
    • The buttons in the top right corner can be used to view the items in groups, and to choose how to sort or group the items.
    • You can zoom in to an item by clicking on it, using the mouse wheel, or using the zoom slider in the top right corner.
    • When viewing an item, click on "View Product Details" in the top right corner of the picture to view the product's details page. This will open in a popup window, so please turn off your popup blocker for this site.