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Welcome to our Luxurious Certified Organic, Bio-Medical, Holistic, Hypoallergenic Skin Care Collections. Our collections are Clinically proven for Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne, Anti-Inflammatory and Pigment Correction. Discover our All Natural Cosmeceuticals which are free of fragrance, sulfates, pabas/parabens, color dyes, alcohol, harmful ingredients and animal testing. Utilizing three All Natural delivery systems and Powered by All Natural German Liposomal Nano-Technology and made with all Certified Organic Raw Ingredients such as aloe vera juice, hemp seed, grape seed, flax seed, Jo Joba, Olive, Coconut and safflower oils, African shea butter, Oil of Palma Christi, Natural Omega 3,5,6,7 & 9s, Glycosphingolipids, Collagen, Wild Yams (which serve as precursors and activators for cellular metabolism), Xanthan gum and our food grade preservative system.

Natural Image Care uses State-of-the-Art, All Natural Nano-Technology to deliver our Certified Organic antioxidant vitamins, beneficial herbal extracts and cold pressed essential oils directly to the deepest layers of skin cells on a continuous time release causing maximum delivery and absorption of our relevant biological precursor and activator ingredients (hydration and nourishment) to the skin for cellular metabolism. Similar Medical Technology is being used for many years in the transdermal delivery patches for birth control or the nicotine patch etc. This explains our unique results.

Our formulas are whipped into light, airy, yogurt-like, decadent and age defying creams made with our Cutting Edge, Proprietary European formulations and hand made per order size batches inside of our FDA / Health Canada / USDA Certified Organic Laboratory in the USA and made with positive healing intentions. We produce Featherlight creams that feel and look truly amazing and are especially made for sensitive skin. We welcome you to experience our Medical Grade, Therapeutic Cosmeceuticals which are healing in Nature and penetrate down to the cellular level where transformations take place from the inside out. Featuring Glass bottle packaging to preserve the purity and effectiveness of our organics and essentials, create the upmost healthy skin and help develop a healthier environment!

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