Ethical Ocean Sellers

"The Butler Did It!"

We are a complete home services company that offers everything from home management, de-clutter and interior design, rubbish removal and landscaping, gardening, cooking, cleaning, shopping, paying bills/running errands, companionship, home-care and even spa treatments! All of the products we use are green, fair-trade, extremely healthy and never tested on animals or harmful to the environment. We know that having a healthy home and being organized is a great step to maintaining your own health and well-being. Order Fulfillment Contact: scotteemagee@gmail.comMain Business Contact:

!SYOU // co-designed sneakers

Put simply, !SYOU is a new way to think about sneaker design. A fresh sneaker concept mixing on-the-edge design, high quality materials and (we think) a damn "good" idea. The soul of the !SYOUYOUbrand is positive collaboration. Presenting a unique, premium sneaker concept inspired by and produced in collaboration with DAC-listed nations. Order Fulfillment Contact: jaap@isyou.comMain Business Contact:

3 Green Sisters Upcycled Purses

My sisters and I make fabulous purses and bags from fabrics which have had a "prior life" or destined for landfill. We use only fabrics which are in need of a new life. We obtain our fabrics in a variety of ways: 1. We have relationships with generous drapery manufacturers, upholstery shops and interior decorating shops, who let us have their scraps, ends of bolts and samples. Most of these products would have been thrown out. Often the shops let us pick discarded fabrics from their dumpster and waste paper baskets. Order Fulfillment Contact: jajajapurses@yahoo.comMain Business Contact:

4 All Humanity

4 All Humanity works with artisans all over the world, Uganda, Africa, India, Thailand, and South Africa to name a few. Our apparel is produced in a cooperative in northern Uganda. Our accessories and jewelry come from cooperatives in India, Thailand, Mexico, and South Africa using recycled materials, silver, vintage fabrics, leather, and precious stones. Order Fulfillment Contact: info@4allhumanity.comMain Business Contact: zoe@4allhumanity.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No


From Los Angeles, CA, we design & manufacture amazing organic clothing in vibrant colors that are functional & formful yet eco-friendly & sustainable: yoga clothes, athletic wear, track pants, shorts, tees, tanks, hoodies, thermals, underwear, swimwear & even jewelry. You have multiple brands in your closet but only wear one -- we aim to be that one! Order Fulfillment Contact: douglas@4-rth.comMain Business Contact: douglas@4-rth.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.

a b sea

a b sea proudly makes all natural, organic, silk baby clothing. It's eco-friendly for earth, beautiful for baby. We blend 70% natural silk with 30% organic cotton for incredibly soft, beautiful little washables. Our original organic blend is healthy for babies and kind to delicate skin. Our fabric wears magically for babies' bodies and parents' care. We specialize in newborn sizes right up to 24 months. a b sea is a mother-daughter homegrown company founded in Atlantic Beach, Long Island, New York. Order Fulfillment Contact: contactus@abseababy.comMain Business Contact:

A Global Friendship

The seeds of A Global Friendship (AGF) were sown in 2004, when founder Elizabeth Firgeleski experienced the devastation of the Thailand tsunami first-hand. While the critically injured filled the hospitals, Elizabeth found help from local Thais who welcomed her into their homes, treated her wounds, and nursed her back to health. As Elizabeth was ushered to safety, she was surprised and profoundly touched by the consideration and selflessness of the Thai people. Order Fulfillment Contact: info@aglobalfriendship.orgMain Business Contact: info@aglobalfriendship.orgEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: Yes my shop is 100% Vegan

A Greener Kitchen

A Greener Kitchen is committed to sustainability in the kitchen through their collection of eco-friendly kitchen products and accessories, including organic cotton aprons and organic cotton reusable produce bags. A Greener Kitchen is a Green America Approved Business and a member of 1% for the Planet. Order Fulfillment Contact: lacey@agreenerkitchen.comMain Business Contact: lacey@agreenerkitchen.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.

Aangen Community Center

We are a non-profit, non-grant based community center committed to supporting local women and families in difficult situations by providing emergency relief funds, counselling, empowerment workshops, volunteering and skills-development opportunities and referrals to other community resources. One of our core values is the importance of sustainable livelihoods, thus we work with our clients to help them become fully self-sustaining and we ourselves do not rely on grants or external funding. Order Fulfillment Contact: Business Contact:


Offering hand crafted, socially responsible clothing and accessories for the worldly woman. ABRAZO, which means “embrace” in Spanish, describes what we do: we embrace traditions, native cultures, and sustainability for the families we work with. collaborates directly with diverse groups of indigenous artisan families in villages throughout Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico, supporting refinement of skills and creation of markets for the unique products they produce with us. Order Fulfillment Contact: adele@latinthreadstrading.comMain Business Contact:

Access Norwex

Norwex Enviro Products provide a way to reduce the chemicals used in household cleaning and personal care. With a wide assortment of microfibre products and organic personal care products, Norwex can help you create a healthy living or working environment by eliminating household chemicals while saving money and time. Order Fulfillment Contact: keith.knudsen@gmail.comMain Business Contact:


ACORN eco-boutique is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly products for you, your family, home and office including nature inspired jewelry, stationery, school and office supplies, litter-less lunch supplies, food storage products, natural cleaning products, a wide array of beautiful and fun plantable greeting cards, children’s plush toys, local Lumsden products, and many other great products! Our goal is to make eco-friendly products the norm, not just an alternative. At ACORN eco-boutique, we carry many brands, but we also have started branding our own Acorn Jewelry! Order Fulfillment Contact: acornecoboutique@me.comMain Business Contact:

Adorit Boutique

Adorit Boutique is filled with an amazing collection of fairly-traded and/or Eco-friendly products for you! Many clothes and home accessories are made with recycled and reclaimed fabrics guaranteeing that each and every piece is a unique one-of-a-kind treasure. Other items are designed, produced, and imported in a fair-trade manner from India, Tibet, and beyond. Stop by our shop in Ottawa's Byward Market, visit us online at or join our group on Facebook! We would love to hear from you, please feel free to call or e-mail us. Emma Inns, Owner Adorit Boutique Order Fulfillment Contact: emma@adorit.caMain Business Contact:

AEON Attire

AEON Attire was founded by three breakdancers who started the company with change from street performances. AEON has created the world’s first pant-slimming accessory, a scarf that clothes homeless youth, a youthful 5-panel with classic materials, and more on the way! Hope we get to meet you one day! Until then, follow your dreams! The AEON Attire Team Wei, Wei & Patrick Order Fulfillment Contact: aeonattire@gmail.comMain Business Contact: aeonattire@gmail.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No


AFIA is an award-winning sustainable, tastemaking women’s clothing line sourced and sewn in Ghana, West Africa. We believe in transparency, mutual respect, and collaboration. AFIA is a social business; we believe true sustainability comes from creating prosperity for all involved. We aim to shatter misconceptions about the aesthetics of sustainable fashion (not another silk-screened organic t-shirt), and production in Africa (it is a smart business initiative not a charity project). Order Fulfillment Contact: meghan@shopafia.comMain Business Contact:


AfriCAN is a social enterprise seeking to rebrand Africa in Canada. We want to change the image of poverty and destitution that it has been given, to the image of progress, beauty and power that more accurately describe it.  Everyday headlines, movies and news clips about Africa leave melodramatic images of corruption, violence and poverty in our minds. However, these images only reflect a fragment of the reality lived by millions of Africans and fail to show the energy and potential that truly represent the people of this continent. Order Fulfillment Contact: brett@AfriCANvoice.caMain Business Contact:

African Fair Trade Society

African Fair Trade Society Profile The African Fair Trade Society is a socially conscious organization that imports the highest quality Shea or Karite Butter from West Africa. This Shea Butter is sold in health stores and online and is used to help employ hundreds of West African women, which in turn helps them to support their families and themselves. Currently the African Fair Trade Society is helping to provide employment for women living in villages in Senegal and Guinea. Order Fulfillment Contact: afts88@gmail.comMain Business Contact:


DÉCOR AFRICAIN DE L'ART MASSIF DESIGN UNIQUE ET AUTHENTIQUE - Mobilier en bois massif tropical pour un aménagement typique - Produit à la fois utilitaires et décoratif - Mixte original entre design traditionnel et moderne Souscrit aux principes de la gestion durable en travaillant en étroite collaboration avec des artisans de la tradition africaine. Lesquels confectionnent toutes leurs œuvres à partir de matériaux récupérés ou recyclés. Order Fulfillment Contact: binijeanmarc@yahoo.frMain Business Contact:

Agape & Zoe Naturals

Agape & Zoe Naturals has created a line of natural, chemical-free, phthalate-free perfumes, colognes, hair serums, and moisturizers. With ten scents to choose from, living a beautiful, healthy life if easy. Agape & Zoe Naturals—healthy beauty for healthy lives. Order Fulfillment Contact: agapeandzoe@gmail.comMain Business Contact:

AIM Performance Products

AIM Performance Products sells an organic fuel enhancer called Fuel Stick. Our aim is to sell high quality products that have a positive affect on the environment and on peoples fuel costs. Quality products and excellent customer service are the foundations of our business. Our motto is "We create customers first, not sales." Order Fulfillment Contact: andersen_keith@hotmail.comMain Business Contact:

Aime by Monica Mei

The Aime name derives from the French word for love. The Aime contemporary collection is inspired by the needs and wants of the modern woman - to be effortlessly chic, comfortable, and socially conscious! Transcending trends and time, the Aime contemporary collection aims to create pieces that are seasonless and timeless, yet full of comfort and elegance. Aime is on Flare magazine's list of "Canadian designers you need to know" for it's eco-chic slow fashions. Visit our eBoutique at Order Fulfillment Contact: sales@aimeluxury.comMain Business Contact: monica@aimeluxury.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.

Alter Eco Environmental Folk Art

Alter Eco Environmental Folk Art is a sole proprietorship located in Toronto, Ontario. We create art, motivational awards and gifts of appreciation from recycled and found materials for people that matter to you and your business. John Warren is the owner/artist of Alter Eco Environmental Folk Art with over 25 years experience in the Arts & Crafts Industry. Our growing concern for environmental and social issues over the last ten years led to the involvement with these particular interests. Order Fulfillment Contact: artmetal2003@yahoo.caMain Business Contact:

Alterna Boutique

Alterna Boutique is an online eco-fashion store which offers a variety of work and casual clothing for men and women, as well as clothing for babies. The clothes are made from a variety of environmentally-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, soy, and hemp. Bamboo, soy and hemp are alternative fabrics which are increasing in popularity. Bamboo is softer than cotton, naturally antibacterial, and an environmentally-friendly and sustainable crop as it is a fast growing weed. Soy fabric is a new and exciting eco-friendly fabric made from a by-product of soybean oil production. Order Fulfillment Contact: alterna@alternaboutique.comMain Business Contact:

AmazonDrops Organic Skin Care

AmazonDrops is a collection of skin products made with Amazon oils, fruits and seeds. The concept behind it is that nothing is added: no chemicals, no alcohol, not even water. It's basically the fruit or seed pressed cold and put in a jar. AmazonDrops Organic Care for Skin and Hair does business in the US since 2005 as a wholesaler. Until recently the producs were sold exclusively to Estheticians, Spas and Doctors Offices. The company opened its first retail store in the US, in Eagle Rock, in the metropolitan region of Los Angeles in June 2010. Order Fulfillment Contact: amazondrops@amazondrops.comMain Business Contact:

Amore Soap

Amore Soap was established in June 2011 with the goal of bringing pure, natural soap to southern Ontario and the rest of Canada. Alongside our sales, our secondary goal is to educate customers and web views about soap: What it is, how it works, and why hand-made soap is better for your skin than commercially produced soap. Order Fulfillment Contact: george@amoresoap.caMain Business Contact:


versatile & inspiring ecofashion crafted with joy in USA for sweet angels everywhere | our symbol represents balance and our prayer is may peace prevail Order Fulfillment Contact: orders@angelrox.comMain Business Contact: julian@angelrox.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.

Anita Arzé

We are a Los Angeles based small company of hand-made women’s knitwear that is crafted in Certified Fair Trade Bolivian factories. We specialize in luxury clothing that is socially responsible with a mission to drive sustainable employment in the developing world. Our factories are Certified Fair Trade employing indigenous Bolivian artisans. Women make up from 70% to 80% of employment giving them much needed economic opportunities, which create lasting change in their communities. We respect and utilize handmade manufacturing techniques that have taken generations to perfect. Order Fulfillment Contact: anitaarze@gmail.comMain Business Contact: anitaarze@gmail.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No

Ann & Arayata

Ann & Arayata creates beautiful accessories collections with rural Filipino artisans practising traditional weaving and beading techniques. While we provide livelihood opportunities for these skilled craftspeople, we also donate a minimum of 10% of our profits to sustainable development projects in the Philippines and Rwanda through a charitable organization started by our founder's late mother. Order Fulfillment Contact: sales@annandarayata.comMain Business Contact: sales@annandarayata.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: Yes my shop is 100% Vegan


We are an approved distributor of Arani, the provider of cUL certified dimmable LED lighting products. LED lighting is the latest lighting technology reducing energy consumption by up to 90% while providing a completely green and easily recyclable lighting solution. There are multiple studies available on the health hazards of compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) due to the high amounts of mercury involved in those bulbs. CFL bulbs also radiate a significant amount of UV and InfraRed radiation which can be damaging to the skin. Order Fulfillment Contact: s.arani@arani.caMain Business Contact:


Artistri is an alternative trade social business selling unique, handcrafted gifts, accessories and housewares in a context which helps build connections between artisans, their work, and those who acquire it. We support the creativity and independence of talented women in Quebec, Canada and in the developing world. We’re committed to achieving these aims and growth in a framework which respects the principles of fair trade and sustainability. We work in conjunction with our partner nonprofit organization, Artistri Sud. For more info, please visit We believe in: Order Fulfillment Contact: jennifer@artistri.caMain Business Contact: jennifer@artistri.caEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.


Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa asdsad asdsad Artncrafts asdfsasa a Order Fulfillment Contact: info.legendcrafts@gmail.comMain Business Contact:


Artterro is all about creativity. We design our eco art kits to offer an engaging experience with fresh fun projects and artist quality materials. Prepare to be inspired and delighted as you design beautiful jewelry, fanciful bubble wands, sophisticated storybooks and more. Helping people tap into their creativity with fun, affordable projects is at the core of Artterro’s mission, as is our committment to sustainability. Order Fulfillment Contact: jessica@artterro.comMain Business Contact:


At Ascenta we manufacture the world’s best omega-3, and believe that by doing so we help build a better future with healthier people and a healthier planet. We are members of 1% for the Planet (actually, the first natural health products company to become a member) which is an alliance of businesses committed to creating a healthier planet. Our ultra-pure, great tasting and sustainably sourced supplements are enjoyed around the world by people who want the highest quality omega-3. The Ascenta quality. Order Fulfillment Contact: orderdesk@ascentahealth.comMain Business Contact: knunn@ascentahealth.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No

Autobooklets and Diaries

Susan I. Dillabough has worked in the field of accounting since 1984. Her primary focus has been small businesses. Her areas of forte include projections, efficiency consulting, financial information and statistical analysis as well as turnaround consulting. Before starting Dillabough & Co in 1999, she had been with two previous partnerships. Lately, she has been developing a series of efficiency products for sale to the general public and to other firms. The result is, as she would say, the best automobile log book you could find. Order Fulfillment Contact: info@autobooklet.caMain Business Contact:

Autonomie Project

Autonomie Project is a Fair Trade fashion company offering stylish sweatshop-free & eco-friendly footwear, clothing and accessories. Launched in late 2007, the founders of Autonomie Project were inspired by the lack in the social marketplace of a truly wearable & affordable ethical clothing brand. With the strong desire to effect positive change in our world, these few good friends set off to start a small company with big dreams that aligned with the values of the growing grass-roots movement towards global sustainability. Order Fulfillment Contact: customerservice@autonomieproject.comMain Business Contact:

Avani Creations Inc.

We are suppliers of natural fibre products. All our products i.e. promotional products are selected because they are environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethically made. We deal in jute, hemp, organic cotton, canvas. We carry paper made from cotton rags and that means no trees were harmed in making this paper. We also are big on recycling. Locally sourced and locally made we recycle coffee bags and banners. We have also recycled sails. Our range of products include: Hemp Backpacks Hemp Messenger Bags Jute Promotional Bags Jute Gift Bags Canvas Bags Order Fulfillment Contact: avanicreations@rogers.comMain Business Contact:

Avery James Designs

Est. in Brooklyn, Avery James Designs llc is a new, travel accessories label designed for the modern professional.Our debut collection, "Prologue" is a fusion of durability and sophistication. The combination of denim body & blue lining fit the trends of spring and fall, however the touch of leather & polished hardware make these pieces timeless. Order Fulfillment Contact: mark@averyjamesdesigns.comMain Business Contact: mark@averyjamesdesigns.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No

Awaken My Senses Organics

We are a Canadian manufacturer of Organic and Vegan skin care products. All of our products are hand made in small batches to ensure the freshest possible ingredients. The unrefined whole food vegetable oils that we use deliver the maximum benefit from each oil's vitamins and essential fatty acids, feeding your skin with nature's best. Order Fulfillment Contact: colleenhague@sympatico.caMain Business Contact:


AYLA | Sustainable Apparel and Accessories AYLA is a responsible apparel and accessories company. Innovative in beliefs and design. AYLA is a forwarding-thinking brand: promoting ‘slow fashion’, maintaining environmentally and ethically sound practices while producing enticing products. AYLA promotes a lifestyle. It is more than just fashion with a conscience – it is about bringing context to concept – emphasizing quality vs. quantity. It is not just about clothes, it is a belief and responsibility that is realized through the designs, the company and beyond. Order Fulfillment Contact: ayla.khosroshahi@gmail.comMain Business Contact: ayla.khosroshahi@gmail.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No

Ayu Natural Beauty Care inc.

Ayu Natural Beauty Care provides 100% natural skin care products that are beneficial in treating skin issues, nourish, replenish and protect the overall health of your skin. A completely unique skin care line that has been formulated using a perfect blend of ayurvedic principles and aromatherapy properties. Order Fulfillment Contact: info@ayunaturalbeauty.comMain Business Contact:


"B FROG focuses on fusing style with tradition; trend with ancient design; chic with ethnic." B FROG mixes distinct types of textiles in order to create distinctive and colorful apparel for consumers around the globe and more importantly, to donate a portion of the sales to children in need. Order Fulfillment Contact: customer@bfrog.comMain Business Contact: ccremer@bfrog.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No

B nature

B nature Loves Organics! We believe it is the best for the planet and people and all living things. Our organic cotton baby clothing is the finest you'll find anywhere. B nature Loves Babies. We love their squirmy and sparkly energy. We are delighted to design and offer your babies the softest and most comfortable organic baby basics available. Order Fulfillment Contact: customerservice@bnatureorganic.comMain Business Contact: amit@bnatureorganic.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No

B nature

B nature designs and produces beautiful organic cotton basic apparel for babies. Our clothing is perfect for babies with sensitive skin as we use no toxic chemicals throughout the manufacturing process. B nature stands behind every stitch, and behind every worker involved in bringing you the best organic baby basics around! Order Fulfillment Contact: valerie@bnatureorganic.comMain Business Contact:

B True Beauty

B True Beauty is all about "Living Life Gorgeous!" and we are passionate about offering products as close to nature as possible in an effort to reduce the toxins both in beauty care products and the environment. Order Fulfillment Contact: contact@btruebeauty.comMain Business Contact: Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No

Baby Canuck

Manufacturer of unique cloth diapering system consisting of 100% cotton diaper inserts and designer diaper covers. One size fits from 5 - 35+ pounds (newborn to toddler). The designer diaper covers also double as swimmers. Order Fulfillment Contact: babycanuck@gmail.comMain Business Contact:


babyburrito is a company that is entirely dedicated to the creation of modern baby accessories. Located in Calgary, Alberta, babyburrito uses only high quality fabrics. Started by Montrealer Lianne Hogan – mom and fashion designer - babyburrito combines the organic trends of the West Coast with the sophisticated fashion of the East Coast to create one-of-a-kind products. Pairing designer cotton fabrics with creative designs, babyburrito strives to bring you distinct fabrics coupled with functionally stylish products. All of our products are made in Quebec. Order Fulfillment Contact: claroche@gmail.comMain Business Contact: info@babyburrito.caEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: Yes my shop is 100% Vegan

Back To The Roots

BTTR (pronounced better) stands for "Back to the Roots." Founded in 2009 by Alex Velez and Nikhil Arora as a 100% sustainable urban mushroom farm, BTTR has transformed into a unique company focused on bringing sustainable grow-at-home products into households across the country! Our vision is to serve as a standard bearer of innovation and responsibility in our community in order to inspire others to work towards a more sustainable future. Order Fulfillment Contact: mai-ling@backtotheroots.comMain Business Contact:


Bagnetic® bags are inexpensive, compact, washable and eco-friendly. Bagnetic® reusable shopping bags carry the message to "re-use" to a world ready to embrace a brighter ecological future. These bags are spreading the eco-friendly message with style! The Bagnetic® reusable grocery bags connect to each other magnetically, making it easier to neatly stack together. Now shoppers can fit them onto conventional grocery bag hooks. Bagnetic® eco friendly bags are durable for every day use, such as a lunch bag or shopping bag at a mall. They can easily hold 40 pounds. Order Fulfillment Contact: info@bagnetic.comMain Business Contact:

Bahmbu Clothing

Bahmbu Clothing is a reflection of the cumulative efforts, thoughts, ideas, inspiration and passion of friends. We believe in working together to produce beautiful clothing in an environmentally sustainable and conscious manner. At Bahmbu we strive to maintain a sense of balance between People, the Planet and Profits. Our Ideals, Inspiration and Core is rooted in acting together in business while giving back in a responsible, conscious manner. Order Fulfillment Contact: sales@bahmbu.comMain Business Contact:

Bare Organics Inc.

Bare Organics is your Canadian source for superior quality, organic skin care for the whole family, plus organic cotton linens and accessories. We use only certified organic ingredients and fabrics and have ridiculously high standards for what we will include in our products! Come and find out how you can have healthier skin and a healthier planet, while at the same time saving some of your hard-earned money. Order Fulfillment Contact: karen@bareorganics.caMain Business Contact:

Barnabas Clothing Co.

In a culture overrun with violent images and messages of settling for society's standard of what is 'normal', we at BARNABAS want to say something different. We say: 'Be bold and courageous!' And we want to encourage anyone and everyone to be fearless in making choices that make a difference in their life as well as those around them. We think the best way to get that message out is to be examples of this message and be intentional about living our lives with purpose and action - to LIVE A LIFE WORTH IMITATING. Order Fulfillment Contact: alex@barnabasclothing.comMain Business Contact: alex@barnabasclothing.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No

Barrington Griffiths Watch Co.

The Barrington Griffiths Watch Company is a Canadian watch manufacturer of fine men's windup watches. We re-use vintage Swiss mechanical movements from 1940's pocket watches and manufacture new stainless steel cases in our shop in Leduc Alberta. The steel we use is certified 316L stainless from British smelters. The watches are assembled by hand in Canada. Order Fulfillment Contact: mark@bgwatch.comMain Business Contact:

Baxter & Birdie

Baxter & Birdie is a modern, eco-friendly online pet destination. Our eco-chic products make it easy for you and your pet to support sustainability without sacrificing style. Most importantly, with the purchase of every pet product, we give back to our community through our "Buy One, Give One" campaign. Every product purchased provides a collar or leash to an animal in need. Order Fulfillment Contact: help@baxterandbirdie.comMain Business Contact: kate@baxterandbirdie.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No

Bazant Unique Adornments

Look Unique. Make a difference. Bazant unique adornments = exquisitely bold and stylish jewelry inspired by 20 years of travel and design. This jewelry always garners compliments with its pop of color, geometric shapes, and chunky chains. It provides a look of elegance with a touch of something different. Each necklace, earring, bracelet and ring is handcrafted by acclaimed jewelry designer Lara Bazant in Toronto Canada. Lara uses recycled sterling silver and a rare mix of vintage and artisan materials sourced ethically from five continents. Order Fulfillment Contact: lbazant@rogers.comMain Business Contact: lbazant@rogers.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.

Beaulance Natural Skin Care

Margaret Mackintosh is the founder and sole proprietor of Beaulance Natural Skin Care. In 2000, I decided to start off the new millenium with a new business in Natural and Organic Skin Care featuring wildcrafted herbs, oils and botanicals. Order Fulfillment Contact: info@beaulance.comMain Business Contact:

Belly Armor

Belly Armor was born out of a mother’s desire to protect her own child and inform others about the everyday radiation that surrounds us. Order Fulfillment Contact: aziza.ali@bellyarmor.comMain Business Contact:

Belmondo Skin Care

Belmondo Skin Care is the creation of Daniela Belmondo, a licensed esthetician, practicing professionally for over six years.The line is based on the belief that beautiful skin comes from products derived from the earth’s pure and restorative ingredients. An organic olive oil-based skin care line to protect, nourish, and enhance your natural beauty. The line is designed around the daily rituals of caring for yourself and uses organic ingredients, sourced fair trade whenever possible, that are brimming with the earth-grown goodness your body recognizes and uses to heal and beautify itself. Order Fulfillment Contact: daniela@belmondo.caMain Business Contact:


Authorized Online Distributor of Benefect : Health Canada Approved Botanical Cleaning Products. No Wiping or Rinsing Required. Benefect Products are all natural and safe. BioSafe 100% Degradable Garbage Bags Order Fulfillment Contact: support@simplynontoxic.comMain Business Contact:


Berryplus was created to be the purest and most natural, yet effective laundry soap around. It cleans your clothes as well as leading brands using only wholesome and sustainable ingredients which are safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin and fabrics. Order Fulfillment Contact: jamie@cleanerinnovations.comMain Business Contact: jamie@cleanerinnovations.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: Yes my shop is 100% Vegan


Berryplus was created to be the purest and most natural, yet effective laundry soap around. It cleans your clothes as well as leading brands using only wholesome and sustainable ingredients which are safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin and fabrics. Order Fulfillment Contact: berryplus@ethicalocean.comMain Business Contact: berryplus@ethicalocean.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: Yes my shop is 100% Vegan

Beta Clothing Designs Inc.

Beta= Beyond Everything Tried Already Beta Clothing Designs creates stylish, functional, and affordable performance fashion for urban athletes and active lifestyles. Every stitch of our clothing is proudly designed and manufactured in Canada using eco-friendly materials and socially responsible methods. Order Fulfillment Contact: david.smith@betaclothing.caMain Business Contact:

Better World Shopper

BETTER WORLD SHOPPER is a site dedicated to providing people with a comprehensive, up-to-date, reliable account of the social and environmental responsibility of every company on the planet AND making it available in practical forms that individuals can use in their everyday lives. Coming out of more than 5 years of intensive research, this work is based on a comprehensive database of over 1000 companies and utilizes 25+ reliable sources of data to cover everything from the environment to human rights, community development to animal protection. The guide covers 5 key issues: Order Fulfillment Contact: Business Contact: Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.

Bio Nord

La Coopérative Unitek manufactures premium quality, 100% natural marine fertilizers by using a unique and avant-gardist process that maximizes the fertilizing properties. Those fertilizers are certified for organic farming and are used by the pioneers of ecological market gardening. La Coopérative Unitek has been recycling waste from the Côte-Nord fish plants since 2003. Each year, more than 2 500 tons of waste are retrieved and transformed into finished products, without yielding any production waste. Order Fulfillment Contact: commentaires@coopunitek.comMain Business Contact:

Bioworld Footwear by Victualia

BioWorld shoes are crafted in Spain by a fourth-generation shoemaker. He designs his footwear by hand and manufactures each pair using hand tools and simple machinery, some dating back to his grandfather’s workshop. Every shoe is unique, reflecting the character of artisanal craftsmanship. Order Fulfillment Contact: kguerrero@victualia.esMain Business Contact: kguerrero@victualia.esEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No


Blossomberry specializes in organic cotton/Bamboo bath linens, baby clothing and bath products .We aim to use earth-friendly raw materials and eliminate all kind of chemicals in all process trough manufacturing without sacrificing quality, durability and functionality. We also believe that organic/natural products ought to be more accessible broadly and inexpensively. We use only organic cotton and organic certificated non-chemical process in our organic cotton factory. Blossomberry is the greenest organic cotton factory! Order Fulfillment Contact: simon@blossomberry.comMain Business Contact:

Blu Kicks

We're a family shoe business inspired by sunny vacations and a crazy looking yellow fish. We are based in San Francisco and our product line reflects designs inspired by fish and time spent on the water. We invest one dollar from each shoe sold towards protecting fish habitats and marine environments. Order Fulfillment Contact: orders@blukicks.comMain Business Contact: will@blukicks.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.


Headquartered in Hollywood, CA fashion line bluDemocracy was created with an eye for balancing sustainability and style. Though we don't claim to solve all the world's challenges, we have chosen to take on one currently affecting nearly 1 billion people worldwide: the earth's severely strained fresh water supply. By using alternatives to cotton, such as bamboo we have reduced our products' water footprint by 95%. Our manufacturing process is designed to continually improve efficiencies as a garment through production, from fabrication, dyeing, cutting, sewing , to packaging. Order Fulfillment Contact: cassie@bluDem.comMain Business Contact: cassie@bluDem.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: Yes my shop is 100% Vegan


Headquartered in Hollywood, CA, fashion line bluDemocracy was created with an eye for balancing sustainability and style. Though they don’t claim to solve all the world’s challenges, they have chosen to take on one currently affecting nearly one billion people worldwide. The earth’s severely strained fresh water supply. By using alternatives to cotton, such as bamboo, they have managed to reduce their products’ water footprint by as much as 95%. Order Fulfillment Contact: Walka@bludem.comMain Business Contact:

Blue Wonder

Blue Wonder Clean Green...Clean Naturally with Blue Wonder Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Microfiber cleaning cloths provide a non-toxic and chemical free cleaning solution. These microfiber cleaning cloths are wonderful for allergy and asthmas sufferers, as well as anyone with multiple chemical sensitivities. Or, if you just want a healthier cleaning solution. We know budgets are going to be tight this year. But everybody still has to clean. Microfiber is the perfect solution anytime, but especially in tough times. Order Fulfillment Contact: nat@rockthevote.caMain Business Contact:

Boardwalk Chocolates

Boardwalk Chocolates is a totally dairy free, vegan owned traditional handmade truffle company focusing on fair trade, organic and sustainable products. There are 16 mouth watering flavours of truffles available in 4 line boxes of 4 different truffles, or buy all 16 together in the full line big box. By the Sea - Beach (Lemongrass Ginger), Breeze (Chocolate Mint), Seashell (Solid Raspberry), Lady Pirate (Lavender Chestnut) Order Fulfillment Contact: siue@boardwalkchocolates.comMain Business Contact:

Body Saltz Products

Body Saltz is a Canadian company based in the Fraser Valley in beautiful British Columbia. Body Saltz manufactures handmade, Body Saltz and Bath Bomz for spas, salons, day spas, retail stores, gift basket companies, wineries, bath and body stores and many more industries. Wholesale, Retail, and a GREAT Fundraising Program! Body Saltz strict commitment to bringing value to our customers ensures that they will receive only the best, most natural products possible. Please Note: We ship our products within Canada only. Thank you. Order Fulfillment Contact: info@bodysaltz.comMain Business Contact:

Body Sense

Many companies sell products they describe as "natural" or "organic". Some of them are even certified "natural" or "organic" by independent entities. But what do these words really mean? Unfortunately, they are sometimes used too loosely and can be misleading. After all, arsenic and lead are "natural"! At worst, these words can be inadequate proxies for the safety of you and your family. Body Sense sells only products rated by an American non profit organization as having the lowest-hazard potential, on a three-level scale. Order Fulfillment Contact: feedback@bodysense.comMain Business Contact:


It is on the mountainous region of Kwahu, the highest habitable place in Ghana that BÔhten began its journey. Inspired by the vision of positive change and the potential of re-using natural resources, we are committed to producing high quality eyeglasses from reclaimed material. Order Fulfillment Contact: info@bohten.comMain Business Contact: nanab@bohten.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No


Handmade diaper bags, diaper changing kits, and purses. All items made by myself or helpers. I source as many of my raw materials as possible from US manufacturers. Laminated fabrics are phthalate-free. Order Fulfillment Contact: boodlebags@frontier.comMain Business Contact:

Borden Communications

Borden Communications + Design Inc. is a highly passionate, hyper-focused, common-sense marketing communications firm based in Toronto. Our goal is simple - to provide refreshing ideas, superior service and outstanding quality. Our clients know that we will provide them with unique and interesting options, regardless of the budget and project, whether short or long term. Our dedication to meeting all commitments allows our clients to relax in the knowledge that their projects will be on time and of the highest quality. Order Fulfillment Contact: lisa@bordencom.comMain Business Contact: lisa@bordencom.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.

botl filter

The botlfilter™ is the first product of botl inc., a Canadian company with a mission to create environmentally responsible products. Our focus is developing products that reduce plastic waste. The botlfilter™ system delivers the fresh taste of filtered water on the go, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water, with no plastic waste! Use it anywhere drinking water is available. Just drop, shake and go! Order Fulfillment Contact: emily@botl.caMain Business Contact: info@botl.caEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.

Bottled Up Designs

Bottled Up Designs, remarkable jewelry handmade in the Pennsylvania Amish Country from antique glass and bottles recalimed from the wooded habitats and rural farmlands in an effort to help the enviornment and remove this hazard to the wildlife. Each piece includes "The Story of the Glass" detailing what the glass was originally and the age of the piece. A truly unique way to "preserve history, while helping the future"! Order Fulfillment Contact: bottledupdesigns@comcast.netMain Business Contact: bottledupdesigns@comcast.netEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.


BottlesUp bottles are fun and safe to drink from––glass is the purest, and healthiest material to use for beverages. BottlesUp glass water bottles are free of known toxins including Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and polycarbonates, which research has shown can compromise human health. Order Fulfillment Contact: laurel@bottlesupglass.comMain Business Contact:


Susie Ghahremani is an award-winning illustrator whose work combines joyful nature imagery with highly detailed hand-painted patterns and a crisp, retro color palette. Incorporating her artwork onto eco-friendly stationery and handmade gifts in a collection titled Boygirlparty®, she's what Flavorpill Magazine calls "the indie, start-up version of Hello Kitty." Order Fulfillment Contact: susie@boygirlparty.comMain Business Contact:

Brave GentleMan

Brave GentleMan is the premiere resource for Principled Attire & Smart Supplies™, carefully curated to accomodate the most ethically handsome™ of men. Order Fulfillment Contact: thediscerningbrute@gmail.comMain Business Contact:

Bread and Butter Skincare

Bread and Butter Skincare‘s products are designed for the sensitive skin that men get from shaving. All face products are absent of irritating ingredients such as fragrances, grain-alcohols, and parabens. Only carefully selected low-irritating ingredients are used meaning men do not have to worry about skin irritation. Order Fulfillment Contact: blau@breadandbutterskincare.comMain Business Contact:


brewersCRAP stands for Craftbrewers Recycled Art Project. We are a Micro Business located in Guelph, Ontario. (near Toronto). All the left over stuff from a local micro brewery, that would be thrown out, we make into art, bags, wallets and other useable items. By taking stuff that would be crap and turn it into stuff that is not CRAP… well there is just a little less CRAP out there. George and Hannah (real people). Our passion for turning crap into CRAP is fueled by malt and yeast. AND the fact that Brewer, George, just can’t seem to throw things out. Order Fulfillment Contact: bananaknits@rogers.comMain Business Contact:

Britta Ambauen

Britta Ambauen designs jewelry as a means to inspire, honor, and empower women. She believes that thoughts are extremely powerful, and with our daily thoughts we shape our reality. Each piece of "Britta Ambauen" jewelry is crafted with a concept or message in mind, so that it might serve as an intentional reminder to the wearer. Order Fulfillment Contact: britta.ambauen@gmail.comMain Business Contact: britta.ambauen@gmail.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: Yes my shop is 100% Vegan


BucketFeet are high-quality shoes that are hand designed by artists from around the world. Our goal is to create a lifestyle brand that gives creative input to a diverse, passionate group of people. The mission is to propel the endeavors of BucketFeet artists by placing their work on a wearable medium. Designed by the people for the people. We also donate 5% of each sale to support kids through programs in art, music, and sports. Order Fulfillment Contact: info@bucketfeet.comMain Business Contact:

buffalo bean baby gear inc.

what's buffalo bean? Order Fulfillment Contact: buffalobean@sasktel.netMain Business Contact:

Build Nutrition

During the summer of 2010 Josh Rubin and Gabriel D’Amico-Mazza set out to launch a new company. Inspired by the growing number of social entrepreneurs Josh and Gabe decided to incorporate giving into their new business. The result was Build Nutrition, a company that would donate one bottle of vitamins to a pregnant woman in need for every bottle sold. Build Nutrition is more than a brand… we are a movement. By bridging the for-profit and non-profit worlds our customers have the opportunity to turn into philanthropists without changing anything in their daily lives. Order Fulfillment Contact: jrubin@buildnutrition.comMain Business Contact:


Bullseyebeads features unique, one of a kind glass jewelry. Each piece is finished using an authentic acorn cap which has been wrestled away from neighborhood squirrels. They are durable, long lasting and above all "Bew-tee-ful". Enjoy! Order Fulfillment Contact: bullseyebeads@itol.comMain Business Contact: bullseyebeads@itol.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No

Buncha Farmers Inc.

Buncha Farmers Inc. is commited to manufacturing and producing organic and natural products that are very earth friendly as well as healthy to your lifestyle, Our Motto is "We Work Hard To Make Your Life Easier and Healthier". We also employ Work at Home Moms or Dads to produce most of our products. One of the reasons for this is becuase a lot of it is handmade and we like to promote the stay at home lifestyle. Everything is manufactured in Ontario for now, but in the future we would like to expand with satelite production areas in the U.S. Order Fulfillment Contact: inatoli@rogers.comMain Business Contact:


In short our philosophy is Africa inspired. We seek out the new, the inspired and the innovative Africa. The idea behind Bundu Designs is a simple one – we want to make a difference in people's lives. We passionately believe in treasured pieces that are made by hand, with consideration and care. Specialising in contemporary, new African design produced by community upliftment projects in Southern Africa. We showcase a witty, streetwise African culture that brings the joy of the handcrafted, the colourful and the natural. Order Fulfillment Contact: bundu@eastlink.caMain Business Contact:

Business Name

This is my business. A few more things than that. Richard got bit by a squirrel. It was a really really really really nig squirrel. Order Fulfillment Contact: briannekelsey@yahoo.comMain Business Contact:

Cafes Terrebonne

Cafes Terrebonne is a small roaster and distributor of specialty coffee. Based in Terrebonne, Quebec, the company has been providing high quality Fairtrade coffee to the Canadian market for the past 10 years. The owner, Stephan Jean-Pierre, is a coffee specialist with more than 15 years in the coffee industry, helping coffee coops, in his native Haiti, produce, process and export high quality fairtrade coffee to the US, Europe and Japan. Order Fulfillment Contact: sjeanpierre@cafesterrebonne.comMain Business Contact:

caipora - vibrant and luxurious

Caipora draws together a selection of designers whose passion it is to explore the land's natural elements and the fusion of cultures to produce fantastic ethical jewellery creations. The collections are named under the four natural elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air, so you can choose beautiful jewellery according to your style or mood, celebrating: Fire - fun and vibrant jewellery pieces; Air - Joyous tranquility; Water - Clean and Beautiful; Earth - Misterious Beaty. For futher details - Order Fulfillment Contact: Business Contact:

Cambodian Threads

Cambodian Threads is a socially responsible company that offers fair trade silk crafts from Cambodia. Products are handcrafted in a sweat-free environment by the Hengs, a family of artisans from Prek Bongkong, a rural village in Cambodia. We purchase goods from the artisans for a fair price, and then a portion of every sale is used to fund Educational Development projects in Cambodia. Order Fulfillment Contact: Steve@cambodianthreads.comMain Business Contact:

Candle 79 Restaurant

Candle 79 Restaurant: Candle 79, NYC's premiere vegan oasis. Delicious, creative food fresh from farm to table. Organic wine and cocktail bar. *Candle 79 Cookbook: Modern Vegan Classics from New York’s Premiere Sustainable Restaurant Order Fulfillment Contact: benay@candlecafe.comMain Business Contact:

Candle Essence

Our Canadian company produces fine quality, handcrafted Aromatherapy candles. We use the purest soy wax and essential oils to create long-burning candles for health and pure enjoyment, including mosquito repelling candles. Order Fulfillment Contact: candle.essence@sympatico.caMain Business Contact:

Carbon Environmental Boutique

Carbon Environmental Boutique is a retail store located in the historic heart of downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Carbon’s mission is threefold – to showcase and support environmental manufacture, to encourage and fortify ethical business practices and to advocate and promote non-toxic living. Order Fulfillment Contact: allison@carbonboutique.comMain Business Contact:

Carvel Country Soapworks

Quality handmade eco friendly bath and body products, laundry soaps and soy candles. All products are made using fair trade ingredients and are packaged using reusable or recyclable materials. Order Fulfillment Contact: soapworks@cruzinternet.comMain Business Contact:

Casey Furniture

Casey Furniture makes Adirondack Chairs/Muskoka Chairs from cedar. They come in a few pieces making shipping cheaper and easier. ALL products are made in Canada using Canadian products and fair waged Canadian workers. We strive to keep manufacturing in Canada, and use the resources our country comes with. Order Fulfillment Contact: caseyconstruction@live.caMain Business Contact:

Cause and Effect

Cause the change and effect the world. Cause and effect is based on this very profound but simple idea. We as consumers make life changing decisions with every purchase we make; from the ingredients in a product to the hands that sew the final stitch, from what we wear and put on our bodies to what we decide to eat. We are not only making decisions that effect our own personal well being, but our decisions effect countless of other individuals around the world, not to mention the environment itself. Order Fulfillment Contact: causeandeffectshop@gmail.comMain Business Contact:

Celia Grace

Celia Grace makes wedding dresses and accessories where the story behind each piece is as beautiful as the product itself. Heirloom eco silk, empowering work conditions for seamstresses in a fair trade coop in Cambodia, and a water filtration system donated with every dress set Celia Grace apart from traditional wedding dress brands. Order Fulfillment Contact: orders@celia-grace.comMain Business Contact: marcie@celia-grace.comEO Seller Policies: Yes, I accept the seller policies.Entirely Vegan: No
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