Good for the Earth Good for People

This gorgeous scarf is woven on a foot loom by fair trade artisans.
It can also be used as a throw or shawl. Alpaca is one of the warmest and most luxurious fibers in the world. Alpacas come from the same family as llamas and camels, and their fibers have a very low environmental impact. The scarf measures approximately 74" x 38". The dyes used are low and no impact.

Why it matters
Good for the Earth
This product is Biodegradable. It will easily breakdown when properly disposed of.
1339 members reduce their environmental impact by purchasing products that will biodegrade.
Good for people
Sweatshop free products are manufactured in a safe working environment, offering reasonable work hours and sick leave, for a fair living wage.
4111 members support the eradication of sweat labor by purchasing sweatshop-free products.
This product promotes gender equality by empowering the women who produce it.
1249 members support gender equity by purchasing products that empower women.
The company that made this product gives a portion of its profits to help developing communities around the world
2073 members support human development by purchasing products that donate proceeds to development organizations.