Tukata, an original handmade doll by Ban Kredtrakarn

Good for the Earth Good for People
Tukata, an original handmade  doll by Ban Kredtrakarn

These incredible dolls are handmade by a group of girls in Thailand who were object of abuse and victims of human traffic networks and who are now part of the Ban Kredtrakarn Foundation; a project that changes and improves their living conditions. The women come from different countries of Asia.

The dolls are made with 100% recycled materials and decorated with repurposed buttons and threads. The name `Tukata` means doll in thai. Each Tukata is completely unique.

Made in Thaïlande
Different variety of creative styles
Lovely, funny and exotic decoration

Why it matters
Good for the Earth
This product is made from salvaged materials that were diverted from landfill, and were then used without reprocessing.
321 members support diverting material from landfill by purchasing products made from salvaged materials.
Good for people
This product promotes gender equality by empowering the women who produce it.
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