Tan and Black Beleza Bib Necklace

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Tan and Black Beleza Bib Necklace

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Product Description

Made in Brazil, this fine mixture of natural and synthetic fibers in even proportions, results in strong as well as delicate jewelry in amazing colors. In an artwork that takes nearly a decade to master, skilled hands arrange the threads in a dance of color, transforming the fibers, seeds, polyester and neoprene into pieces of art. Each item is 100% handcrafted, made with all the richness of nature, using seeds of a Brazilian fruit called Acai, which make its secure and delicate clasp.

Why it matters
Good for people
The company that made this product gives a portion of its profits to help developing communities around the world
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Good for animals
This product is 100% vegan. It contains no animal products and is not tested on animals.
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