Spanish Mosaic Lime Tote

Good for the Earth Good for People
Spanish Mosaic Lime Tote

Recycled Paper Bag. Recycled plastic handles. Inside, brown cotton lining, zip pocket and mobile holder. Zip closure. Wipe it clean gentle with a wet cloth. Bag dimension: 10" x 14.5" x 3". Handle length: 9"

PAPER – Recycling Facts
* Less trash in landfills means lower disposal cost & less pollution from waste carting.
* Using recycling paper pulp saves energy in the manufacturing process 60% to 70% less to compared to virgin pulp.
* Recycled paper manufacturing uses up to 55% less water that virgin pulp, and helps to preserve our forests.
* Manufacturing with recycled paper reduces air emissions by 74% compared to virgin pulp manufacturing.

Why it matters
Good for the Earth
This product is made with recycled materials. Recycling still useful material reduces the amount of material going to landfill and conserves virgin resources.
2931 members support diverting material from landfill by purchasing products made from recycled materials.
Good for people
Products made in the USA are typically manufactured under the most stringent environmental, animal cruelty and labor laws, while reducing the shipping carbon footprint and supporting the American economy.
3463 members support American producers by purchasing USA-made products.
The company that made this product is deeply involved helping its local community.
5480 members support producer communities by purchasing products like this one.
This product is non-toxic and contains no harmful ingredients.
6490 members support toxin free products by purchasing non-toxic products.