Ultimate Fairtrade & Organic Spice Collection (Medium Tin Size)

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Ultimate Fairtrade & Organic Spice Collection (Medium Tin Size)

We believe that the quality of our spices goes hand in hand with supporting sustainable and organic farming practices. As a dedicated and passionate organization, we have solidified our commitment to this vision by becoming a Fairtrade Canada Licensee, and sourcing our spices directly from Fairtrade certified farmers and cooperatives.

After an exhaustive global search, the Fair seas Spice Company partnered with Suminter India Organics. Suminter contracts small farmers throughout Kerala State located along India’s Malabar Coast.

Suminter provides global access to family run farms which ethically cultivate these spices of exceptional quality, using organic and sustainable techniques. More importantly, by purchasing Fairtrade spices, the North American consumer can make significant contributions to the economic, social, and environmental welfare of the participating farmers from which these outstanding spices are sourced.

Product Description

No need to hide your spices in a dark pantry, our attractive and value added tin canisters (available in three sizes) are perfectly designed to keep freshness killing U.V. light away. Feel free to display your spice tins on the kitchen counter or perhaps even as a spectacular dining room table center piece. When our Fairtrade and organic spices are not being used for trendy interior decorating, rest assured they will deliver equally trendy flavour and freshness to all your favorite dishes. What happens when your fancy tin canisters run dry? Simply refill them with our, you guessed it, refill bags. Our Round Tin Collection also makes for the perfect gift.



Cassia Cinnamon Bark 40g
Ceylon Cinnamon Quills 40g
Alleppy Turmeric Ground 50g
Green Cardamom 50g
Whole Malabar Cloves 50g
Whole Mace 30g
Whole Black Malabar Pepper 50g
Whole White Malabar Pepper 50g
Fresh Malabar Vanilla Pods 10g
Cocoa Powder 250g (Please note the cocoa power is packaged in our resealable stand-up pouch)

Why it matters
Good for the Earth
This product is 100% organic. Organic products are made with ingredients grown without pesticides, genetically modified organisms, or synthetic fertilizers; keeping toxins out of the environment, and supporting biodiversity and family farms.
5936 members support the use of organic farming practices by buying 100% organic products.
Good for people
Fair Trade Certified products ensure that a guaranteed fair portion of a product's price is passed on to the producer. Fair Trade products are audited by a third party to ensure equitable and just treatment of producers.
2504 members support fair wages to the producer by purchasing Fair Trade products.
Good for animals
This product is 100% vegan. It contains no animal products and is not tested on animals.
6838 members support animal welfare by purchasing vegan products.