Black London Tote

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Black London Tote

Inspired by the love for modernity and sophistication GUNAS was established in 2009 by CoFounder and Designer, Sugandh. She made her debut in 2010 during New York Fashion Week with a 10 style collection and received a tremendous response from the Fashion experts for her distinct look and uniqueness. Her multicultural upbringing fused with her core background as an Industrial Designer brings home that refreshing look that is futuristic, bold and ultra stylish.

A progressive approach to their construction and use of modern eco-materials. The bags are constructed using a combination of specialty manmade fabrics that lend to the lightweight and structured look, adding years to the life of your special bag. Custom hardware, Italian zippers and attention to every detail add a seductive flair that takes the brand beyond its time.

Product Details:

Large tote bag ideal for when you are on the go. Sturdy construction. Extremely light weight. Custom Hardware, Italian zippers and signature lining fabric. Comes with signature canvas dust bag. Made in USA.

Why it matters
Good for the Earth
This product is made with some recycled materials. Recycling useful material reduces waste to landfill and conserves virgin resources.
877 members reduce their impact by purchasing products made with some recycled material.
Good for people
This product is non-toxic and contains no harmful ingredients.
6490 members support toxin free products by purchasing non-toxic products.
Products made in the USA are typically manufactured under the most stringent environmental, animal cruelty and labor laws, while reducing the shipping carbon footprint and supporting the American economy.
3463 members support American producers by purchasing USA-made products.
Good for animals
This product is 100% vegan. It contains no animal products and is not tested on animals.
6838 members support animal welfare by purchasing vegan products.