Leather Belt by AJA Mali

Good for People
Leather Belt  by AJA Mali

Made from top quality leather and handcratfed in Mali, this cute belt will provide you a perfect shape whatever you wear. 100% fashion, it can fit a long top , a tunic or even a dress.

AJA Mali is a non-governmental organization that supports a large group of women. Their products are handmade and the beneifts are used to raise its craftswomen financial situation. The company is really engaged towards young Malian people. It contributes to developing their formation and employability, and the company's profits are used to help their socio-economical stability and this of its craftswomen.

Why it matters
Good for people
The company that made this product is deeply involved helping its local community.
5480 members support producer communities by purchasing products like this one.
The company that made this product is committed to promoting the equality of all genders.
1249 members support gender equity by purchasing products that empower women.