CityLights: Skinny Tie (Pink/ Teal)

Good for the Earth Good for People
CityLights: Skinny Tie (Pink/ Teal)

"Rescued" Skinny Tie | CityLights Collection
100% Upcycled Silk
Handmade in Canada
One of a kind

* Only one available in Pink and Teal, see picture

thePROCESS | Made in Canada

"Rescued" pieces are created by upcycling reclaimed clothing, waste and end fabrics.


AYLA is a responsible apparel and accessories company. Innovative in beliefs and design.

AYLA is a forwarding-thinking brand: promoting ‘slow fashion’, maintaining environmentally and ethically sound practices while producing enticing products.

AYLA promotes a lifestyle. It is more than just fashion with a conscience – it is about bringing context to concept – emphasizing quality vs. quantity. It is not just about clothes, it is a belief and responsibility that is realized through the designs, the company and beyond.


theDESIGNS | Intrigue. Entice. Excite.
thePROCESSES | Responsible. Sustainable. Respectable.
theCOMPANY | Inspire. Empower. Support.

Why it matters
Good for the Earth
This product is made with recycled materials. Recycling still useful material reduces the amount of material going to landfill and conserves virgin resources.
2931 members support diverting material from landfill by purchasing products made from recycled materials.
This product is manufactured in a zero-waste facility. Zero-waste facilities reuse, recycle or convert all waste to energy, meaning no waste goes to landfill.
311 members reduce their impact by purchasing products made in a facility that sends no waste to landfill.
Good for people
Sweatshop free products are manufactured in a safe working environment, offering reasonable work hours and sick leave, for a fair living wage.
4111 members support the eradication of sweat labor by purchasing sweatshop-free products.
Products made in Canada are typically manufactured under the most stringent environmental, animal cruelty and labor laws, while reducing the shipping carbon footprint and supporting the Canadian economy.
5567 members support Canadian producers by purchasing Canadian-made products.