Aspenware Disposable Wooden Spoons (500)

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Aspenware Disposable Wooden Spoons (500)

Aspenware Disposable Wooden Spoons
This box of 500 Spoons is perfect for a large event such as a wedding or corporate event.
Its also great for a company lunch room.
Aspenware is a practical and elegant replacement for traditional disposable plastic cutlery. Aspenware is the premium choice for disposable cutlery yet is cost competitive with high quality plastic. The entire manufacturing process takes place in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Aspenware is the only manufacturer of disposable wooden cutlery in North America.
"Eating with biodegradable wooden cutlery is a treat for your senses! Really! The fresh smell of leaves and wood is subtle but present as I slide my salad off the birch wood fork. It makes each meal feel like a picnic in the meadow. The serrated knife cuts deftly through my steak and the wide shape of the blade makes it easy to spread butter. Our children love eating off the Aspenware cutlery! The Aspenware is fun and the forks and spoons are easy for children to use."
Each piece is 100% natural, backyard compostable and has a Kosher and Pareve certified coating. Aspenware is the beginning of a new idea within the forestry industry; clean, green and sustainable. This unique cutlery is made from BC birch and aspen – species that are ordinarily burnt or left to rot during regular industrial logging operations. This cutlery provides a better option for these underutilized trees, extending the lifecycle of their carbon sink. Aspenware cutlery is manufactured entirely out of natural materials. Aspenware also strives to develop products from surplus material such as landscaping chips and livestock bedding.
People eating your food will rave as much about the unique look and feel of Aspenware as they will about your mouth-watering cuisine.

Why it matters
Good for the Earth
This product reduces the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.
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This product is Biodegradable. It will easily breakdown when properly disposed of.
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Good for people
Products made in Canada are typically manufactured under the most stringent environmental, animal cruelty and labor laws, while reducing the shipping carbon footprint and supporting the Canadian economy.
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This product is non-toxic and contains no harmful ingredients.
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