Issue #08
December 8, 2010

Starting Green Christmas Traditions

When you think of the holidays, do your family traditions include cutting down a live evergreen, serving a big turkey dinner, and excessive commercialism? ... Read More

The Green Luxury Red and White Wines

There is something about wine that just speaks of luxury. The crisp or oaky smell, the velvety taste, and even the look of wine in their elegant tall-necked bottles calls to mind something that is indulgent and completely superfluous, attributes which are not typically linked with being eco-friendly. Yet, winemakers across the nation are striving to add organic and "green" wines to their offerings of pinot noir, cabernet, and sauvignon blanc, making having a glass of wine with your dinner one of ... Read More

The Anti-Futureshop Boxing Day Flyer

My family celebrates Christmas on the 24th every year. December 25th at the Hancock household involves pyjamas, Bing Crosby and the Futureshop Boxing Day Flyer. My dad and I used to pour over the sp ... Read More

The Weirdest Trash We've Found at UBB Cleanups

Hey there Ethical Ocean readers. This week we have a guest post prepared by Brian Linton, the Founder and Chief Trash Collector at United By Blue. UBB is a sustainable brand of apparel that removes ... Read More

Seller of the Week: Olive Authentique

Parabens are among the most popular preservatives around. Read the ingredients on your favorite beauty product and you’ll likely find these estrogen-mimicking chemicals listed prominently. What you ... Read More
Issue #08
December 8, 2010