Issue #83
December 10, 2012

If NY Was Buried Under Its Carbon Emissions

During his time in office, Mayor Rudolph Giluliani was often credited with cleaning up New York, quite literally. His war on petty crime targeted litter, which has quite noticeably declined in the city which only a decade ago was known for its sidewalks strewn in garbage. ... Read More

America’s Rails: Few Improvements In A Century

The other night at a party I found myself swapping airline horror stories with some friends –common tales of hours spent sitting on the tarmac, lost luggage never to be seen again, and gasp, broken entertainment units on international flights. ... Read More

Christmas Tree Alternatives

The real versus artificial Christmas tree debate replays itself every year, but truth be told, each option has its own place on the naughty list. If you’re not interested in picking a side in the de ... Read More

Winter Road Warriors

For the most hardcore among us, the arrival of winter doesn’t mean it’s time to stow the bike away for a warmer, dryer commute... no, it just means that it’s time to change the wardrobe around. ... Read More

GoodForAll: Products for a Better World

“They say that the more you give, the more you receive. And giving makes you happy,” believes Marja, founder of Goodforall, a Dutch Design company that creates eco-friendly fairtrade products in C ... Read More
Issue #83
December 10, 2012