Issue #82
December 4, 2012

Growing Up Way Too Fast

"I started working when I was nine, and I've done everything, shining shoes, bus driver's assistant, selling. I've gone through most of the jobs common for child and adolescent workers." It’s a story not dissimilar to ones told by my Grandma, who in Canada in 1928 at the age of 5 lost her father and started work as a maid to help support her mom and siblings. But what’s especially upsetting is that this isn’t a story about the ‘20s, it’s the reality today; the quote comes straight fro ... Read More

Santa's Carbon Footprint [Infographic]

We all know that with the end of December quickly approaching that Santa is busy getting everything set for his worldwide tour. The boots he has to fill sure can leave a large footprint behind, so we took a look at Santa's environmental impact, and tried to see if we could help him run a slightly more eco-friendly operation. ... Read More

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pudding Parfait [RECIPE]

Quelle horreur! Am I really asking you to eat seeds that we know germinate into inanimate pets? Us Gen-X’ers have all seen this infomercial enough to ensure that it is forever seared in our brains. ... Read More

Underwear Made From Wood. Yes, Wood.

The world loves cotton. Cotton is also a very common material used in clothing. In fact, over half of the cotton consumed in US textile mills each year is converted into apparel. ... Read More

Running: Not just hard on the joints, hard on the planet too

There’s something so simplistic and pure about running -- just lace up a pair of shoes and go, pretty much anywhere, anytime. But behind this low maintenance façade, the sport of running has develo ... Read More
Issue #82
December 4, 2012