Issue #81
November 27, 2012

Africa For Norway: The Ultimate Parody of Poverty Porn

Few things upset me more than poverty porn. You know those commercials, the ones with a solemn celebrity pleading for donations. They’re likely standing in front of a mud hut somewhere in rural Africa, and the camera zooms in on a small child with a distended belly sitting in the dirt. There’s probably a fly or two buzzing around his head, and if it’s this time of year, John Lennon’s ‘so this is Christmas, and what have you done’ is likely playing softly in the background. ... Read More

Do Fruit Loops say, “I love you”?

Dr. Gary Chapman tells us that there are five love languages. These love languages define how we are most inclined to show love. Chapman claims there are five types of people; but for me, it boils down to just two. There are people who like receiving gifts – and those who do not. ... Read More

Greenpeace Exposes Toxic Chemicals in Zara

Last week, we published an article about the biggest buyers of organic cotton (H&M topped the list). Reactions to the article were mixed – some people were surprised and impressed to hear that H ... Read More

Sears, Disney, and Walmart with Blood on their Hands

Undoubtedly you’ve heard about the horrific fire that took the lives of 117 people in a Bangladeshi garment factory this past weekend. ... Read More

Envisioning a Different Eekonomy

“One spark can start a fire,” believes Olabiyi Dipeolu, founder and owner of Eekonomy Jewellery. Ever since he was young, Ola has been passionate about helping people and the environment. At the a ... Read More

Pedal-Power Un-Knitting Gives Old Sweaters New Life

Recycling is the latest accolade to make the long list of reasons why bicycles are just plain awesome (and of course eco). That’s thanks to Imogen Hedges, a London-based designer who discovered that ... Read More
Issue #81
November 27, 2012