Issue #80
November 12, 2012

No.1 Buyer of Organic Cotton: H&M

H&M isn’t without its share of controversy. The brand has become synonymous with wasteful fast fashion, and earlier this year, the company was the target of protests across Europe decrying labor practices in Cambodian factories where their clothes are manufactured. ... Read More

Climate Change Worsened Sandy

Superstorm Sandy was utterly horrific. Before it reached the US it was already on a destructive rampage, affecting five million people in the Caribbean and leaving 72 people dead. Had it stopped there though, it’s hard to imagine that Sandy’s longevity in the media would have persisted more than a few days. Likely, the words ‘climate change’ would hardly have been uttered in discussions about the storm. ... Read More

Wear Change, Wear Nisolo

What do you get when you combine three business-savvy, ethically-minded co-founders and thirty Peruvian shoemakers, all the while mixing in stylish design, versatile functionality, and a passion to ma ... Read More

Four Girls Create a Pee-Powered Generator

Talk about leveraging resources that are readily available – four teenage girls have created a generator powered by urine. Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Bello Einola, and Faleke Oluwatoyin pre ... Read More

Is Boycotting Black Friday the Answer?

There is something so perverse about a stampede of people climbing over one another in a race for a cheap TV... especially in the same 24 hour period in which they’ve broken bread (presumably peacef ... Read More

Sugar and Spice Keeps Fruits Nice

When it comes to buying produce, my eyes are almost always bigger than my stomach. Every week I come home from the grocery store convinced that we’ll easily eat our way through the bags of produce I ... Read More

Wind Turbine Syndrome

If you feel like you’re taking life too seriously, Stephen Colbert is always there to chill you out. In this clip, he explains our solar powered calculators might kill you, propagated by “wind tur ... Read More
Issue #80
November 12, 2012