Issue #76
October 16, 2012

Palm Oil: Invisible Ingredient, Severe Consequences

In recent months, we’ve received a slew of emails asking that we start labelling products as “palm-oil free.” I will admit, until these emails started rolling in, I hadn’t ever sought out palm-oil free products – now having researched the industry, I’m realizing this is a bit of an embarrassing omission. Avoiding palm oil is no easy task; it’s found in a staggering array of products. Odds are, in the last few days you’ve eaten it, rubbed it into your skin, fed it to your pet. And ... Read More

The Race to Build a Fairtrade Phone is On

Cell phones are one of our most intimate possessions. According to the Atlantic, 26% of executives admit to sleeping with their smart phone, and 75% of Americans admit to using their cell phone while in the bathroom. Yeah – they are intimate possessions. ... Read More

Lance Armstrong, Does Good Outweigh the Bad?

I know that I’m quick to criticize companies that paint themselves as socially responsible, but that engage in practices that are unethical and obscure the truth behind the scenes. Avon, H&M, Wa ... Read More

Knotty and Nice: A Reshoring Story

Brothers Joshua and Joey Hundert are no strangers to sustainability and entrepreneurship. Combined, they have 20 years experience working with and managing grassroots non-profit organizations and star ... Read More

Shwop ‘Til You Drop

When Marks & Spencer announced their ‘shwopping’ program’ last spring, I was thrilled. ... Read More
Issue #76
October 16, 2012