Issue #75
October 9, 2012

The Power of the Pink Ribbon

Breast cancer is horrific. There’s simply no but about it. With National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in full swing, there are constant reminders of how many people in North America have been affected by the ravaging disease. It seems that if you haven’t suffered from it directly, odds are, you’re a degree of separation from it. In the face of such an assaulting epidemic, many of us gravitate to doing something - anything - that might help put an end to the disease. And more and more that ... Read More

Roma Boots: Sunshine After the Rain

Meet Samuel Bistrian. He’s the busy bee behind Roma Provisions, a hybrid company that combines fashion and charity. The company designs and sells Roma rain boots in the USA while its subsidiary, Roma for All, distributes boots and school supplies to impoverished children around the world, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe and in particular, Romania. ... Read More

Quinoa Cornmeal Skillet Bread [RECIPE]

Recipe by Leah Lizarondo Shannon, The Brazen Kitchen Herbes de Provence and Cornbread. Definitely an unexpected and unlikely coupling but I assure you are the most surprisingly compatible things. I lo ... Read More

Save the Humans

In Rob Stewart’s new book, Save the Humans, the documentary filmmaker takes on a new quest: to save humanity. Much like his film Revolution, he writes about the making of Sharkwater and how that fil ... Read More

Kids and Bikes, Designed to Move

The solution to the children’s obesity crisis in the US may in part lie in a piece of technology invented over 200 years ago: the bicycle. That’s right, this modern day epidemic may best be served ... Read More

Don’t Hibernate Just Yet

As we bid adieu to the long hot summer days, we give a great big welcome to the crisp autumn season. When I think of fall, immediately I conjure up thoughts of all the fun outdoor activities and tasty ... Read More
Issue #75
October 9, 2012