Issue #73
September 25, 2012

Up-cycling: Steelmaster Filing Cabinets

Growing up, my parents had an entertainment unit that spanned an entire wall and was filled to the absolute brim. I had always felt it very excessive and had been searching for something smaller without it being a dinky $30 rolling-stand from Target. (Which I had for a little while but didn’t cut it.) ... Read More

“Faint-Ins” Across Europe

Last week, dozens of human-rights activists staged flash “faint-ins” at retailers across Europe to highlight the atrocious working conditions in apparel factories in Cambodia, which specifically have been linked to a mass number of fainting incidents. ... Read More

How to Host an Intentional Discussion

A few weeks ago I watched a documentary called Earthlings. It truly moved me in a way that no documentary had before. So much so, that while watching it at a coffee shop, I cried. It is a powerful doc ... Read More

Vegan Recipe: Turkish Coffee Ice Cream

Being vegan doesn’t mean frozen treats are off-limits, and Hannah Kaminsky’s new book Vegan à la Mode proves just that with over 100 drool-inducing recipes - all vegan and absolutely delicious. ... Read More

Kali Clothing Dominates the Runway

I recently attended a charity event in Toronto supporting the Women’s Healthy Environments Network and Fashion Takes Action. During the fashion runway show, I noticed a well-dressed local celebrity, ... Read More

Vegan Sources of Iron

I pride myself on living healthily. Yes, I love, love, love wine and ice cream, but I generally eat well and exercise regularly. When I cut meat and dairy from my diet, I became more conscientious abo ... Read More
Issue #73
September 25, 2012