Issue #70
September 3, 2012

Los Angeles vs. Eco-Friendly Living

Living in eco-apathetic Los Angeles can make it very difficult and discouraging to be friendly to our planet. If you are not monetarily wealthy, you are probably living in an apartment complex or a condo governed by a militant HOA, which makes recycling, composting, or food gardening a top-secret affair or downright impossible. Using a bike or your legs as your mode of transit is almost out of the question as LA's drivers are not cyclist friendly and the heat is virtually unbearable, leaving you ... Read More

Why Labor Day Still Matters

Ah, it’s the last long weekend of summer. With Labor Day comes the final hurrah of warm days marked with BBQs and beer, the day at the beach, and, if you’re tight with Miss Manners, the last time to sport those white pants for awhile. For most of us, the very origins of the day have become insignificant – another long weekend, yes please! But if you’re passionate about social justice, Labor Day is far more than a date on the fashion calendar. ... Read More

The Cost of a Hot Dry Summer

The extreme heat has become an all too familiar feeling across the United States, with this past July going down as one of the hottest on record. We hope for rain to ease the temperatures and cool us ... Read More

A Good & Fair Story

This is a story of respect, dignity, and fairness. Shelton Green, doesn’t have a background in fashion or in retail. He’s a guy who worked in Texas politics as a staffer and lobbyist, but felt a ... Read More

A Tiresome Task

Last weekend I found myself in a dreaded place during a triathlon: hulled over on the side of the road with my bike, repairing a flat tire while competitor after competitor breezed by. Now in some ci ... Read More
Issue #70
September 3, 2012