Issue #68
August 20, 2012

12 Months Newsless

This month of August marks three anniversaries for me. It’s been: 12 months since I’ve read a newspaper. 50 months of fasting for the first Sunday of the month. 18 months since I gave up meat. And I’d like to share what they mean to me. News and nourishment. If you told me last august that I’d go a year without picking up a newspaper, I’d have told you: “You’re nuts. Certifiable. No way.” ... Read More

What Our Shoes Say

Last night I was walking home from the office and passed by one of Toronto’s less conventional tourist attractions: the Bata Shoe Museum. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a museum of shoes. For those of you rolling your eyes at the very idea of putting 10,000 shoes together in one building and calling it a museum, it really is quite interesting, even for the non-shoe obsessed (if such people truly exist). ... Read More

Clothing Made Of Corn?

Shopping for eco friendly fashions can be an exhausting experience. You see the perfect shirt (in your color and size!) only to find out it’s made from some gloop of synthetics. Even if you find som ... Read More

The Inflatable Bike Helmet

I’m a huge proponent of bike helmets, and ever since I was in a crash a few months back I’m even more vocal about it. I understand the arguments against making helmets legally required for all cyc ... Read More

What is as soft as a baby’s bottom?

Giant pandas. Gentle lemurs. And Shoo-foo. What they all have in common is unconditional love for a perennial evergreen that is part of the true grass family: bamboo. Shoo-foo Bamboo Linens is an ec ... Read More
Issue #68
August 20, 2012