Issue #67
August 13, 2012

Dating to Change the World

I am 30 and single. People are beginning to wonder what is wrong with me – if I’m weird, a playboy, or just plain gross? While it might seem that more and more people are waiting to partner-up later in life, being 30 and single is actually counter to the current norm. Contrary to stereotypes, new evidence shows that single men want to settle down and are willing to lower their standards to make it happen. ... Read More

Nail Polish’s Toxic Side

Last weekend, someone asked me “which concerns you more, the chemicals in nail polish or the chemicals in nail polish remover?” I glanced down at my toes, all dressed up in a bright shade of blue polish, and counted the number of colors those ten digits had sported this summer (I counted eight). Clearly, I haven’t been worrying about the chemicals in polish or remover very much. ... Read More

Watch The Amazon’s Deforestation

Google is bringing new meaning to the age old adage “if a tree falls in the forest.” You can’t hear the deforestation in the Amazon rainforest as of yet, but now you can see it with the help of ... Read More

Is WiFi the new BPA?

There is a type of pollution that often slides under the radar – not only because we cannot smell it or see it, but likely because we love the convenience it brings so much that we are a bit more fo ... Read More

Price of Bacon Set to Soar, Baby.

Who doesn’t love bacon? Even the staunchest vegetarian secretly relishes the sultry smoky memory of bacon. I even know an old Jewish man who denies that bacon is pork. But ladies and gentlemen, be f ... Read More

Startup or Social Enterprise?

“A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” – Eric Ries ... Read More
Issue #67
August 13, 2012