Issue #66
August 5, 2012

Getting Back On The Saddle

Seven weeks ago on my ride home from work, I was hit by a car. When I consider that about 3,000 pounds of metal crashed into me and my bike, I feel pretty lucky. My shoulder was fractured, my face was all kinds of ugly, my bike totaled, but all-in-all the damage was minor. ... Read More

Is Ethical Shopping The Answer

The premise of the Story of Stuff’s latest video "The Story of Change” is that citizens, not shoppers, hold the key to a better world. As you can imagine, I was on the defensive before watching the video. ... Read More

Can We Raise The Collective Courage Of The World By 50%?

I want to share stories of courage. Over the past year I’ve asked roughly 150 people "what was your most courageous moment or decision?” It's a question that has silenced dinner parties and taken ... Read More

The Cutest Lunch Bags

Dabbawalla Bags have mastered the art of cute, making bags that kids adore and that most adults would secretly love to carry. Truly, I can’t even look at their Hop-To-It lunch bag without cracking a ... Read More

Soy, To Eat Or Not To Eat?

I used to swear by soy. When I gave up meat and dairy, the wondrously-versatile soy became my go-to ingredient for pretty much everything. Soy milk in smoothies, tofu in curry, grilled tempeh in sandw ... Read More

An Oasis In The City

A green oasis can be a hard thing to find in most North American cities. But city living doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice having a green space in your life. Investing in a community garden, even ... Read More
Issue #66
August 5, 2012