Issue #65
July 30, 2012

12 Gorgeous Vegans

Last week, our feature of 12 Sexy Vegetarians went totally viral. It seems as though there is a big appetite out their for hot animal friendly hunks (yes, that’s officially the first time we’ve used the word hunk, on Ethical Ocean). ... Read More

Higg Index Sets Out To Green Apparel

Something we quickly learned when we started EO is just how complex evaluating a company based on how ‘good’ it is can be. Everyone has their own individual definition of what makes a company socially responsible – the materials used, working conditions and equity of pay, the overall carbon footprint of the product, and on and on. Evaluating companies along the lines of social good can quickly send you down a rabbit hole of inputs and collateral impacts, and navigating such is no simple ta ... Read More

A Legacy to Last 3000 Generations

The Onkalo Waste Repository on the western coast of Finland will mark the final resting place of nuclear waste produced by the country’s nuclear reactors. This repository is made up of tunnels that ... Read More

Roadkill Becomes Art?

Last month, I was cottage-bound for a weekend, excited to be trading in my regular urban landscape for nature, fresh air, and a serious dose of sunshine. About 15 miles from our destination, while tra ... Read More

My War Against Plastic Coffee Pods

There are few things I can appreciate more than the need for a cup of coffee right when you need it. Oh I get that. But even despite my deep addiction to coffee and love of convenience, I can’t wrap ... Read More
Issue #65
July 30, 2012