Issue #64
July 23, 2012

12 Sexy Vegetarians

Did I say vegetarian? I actually meant Vegan. It seems that vegan doesn’t mean all hippie and granola these days - these 12 heartthrobs are each fuelled by a plant based diet! And if you're worried that going vegan and your love life can't go hand in hand, read Tony’s article about how to date a vegetarian. Here's why these gents scrapped meat from their diets. ... Read More

Starbucks EarthSleeve: Slightly Less Wasteful

Starbucks accounts for almost 50% of the US coffee market, which in turn means that a lot of those disposable paper cups and food wrappers that fill trash cans along city streets bear the unmistakable siren logo. The coffee goliath is looking to do something about all that wastefulness by tackling the design of the sleeves on its cups. ... Read More

The EO Vegan Recipe Challenge

A lot of people assume eating vegan means sacrifice, but we know nothing could be further from the truth. Sticking to a plant-based diet can be just as delicious as an omnivorous one, and best of all, ... Read More

Sin City Goes Green

It’s hard to be an environmentalist and party in Vegas. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such overconsumption and indulgence as I did during a girls' weekend away in Sin City. It’s obvious why pe ... Read More

Pascal’s Climate Change Wager

This past year, we experienced one of the mildest winters in my lifetime. My friends and I joked lightheartedly that the warmer weather is welcomed and some even thanked goodness for climate change. ... Read More

The Vegetable Ivory Craze

“Vegetable ivory” may be the latest craze among eco-conscious jewelers, but this material sourced from the tagua nut was used long before the advent of plastic. ... Read More

How Urban Parks Enhance Your Brain

Earlier this summer, the David Suzuki Foundation (a Canadian-based organization dedicated to preserving the environment) ran the 30x30 Challenge. The challenge was simple: it called on urban-dwellers ... Read More
Issue #64
July 23, 2012