Issue #63
July 16, 2012

Can Green Win Gold In London? [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about my truly wondrous jacket made from recycled water bottles and how it quite literally saved my skin in a bike crash. It seems that some of our athletes will also be donning gear made from recycled water bottles at this summer’s Olympic games. (Should I assume some of the credit? I think perhaps.) ... Read More

3Rs Become Fashionable

There are a lot of reasons to love Melanie Ferrara’s fashion line Device. The Toronto-based designer defies the notion that eco-friendly fashion means hippie (she also made the most complimented dress in my wardrobe!). Device’s latest collection is equal parts fashionable, unique, well constructed, and eco-friendly. ... Read More

Reality TV For Good

Last week I turned on the TV, looking to escape for an hour or so. I quickly learned that summer is the season of reality TV and after three minutes of watching Big Brother the TV quickly went off. Wh ... Read More

Is Living Toxin-Free Hopeless?

Am I a downer or just a realist? Should I keep breaking the bank on toxin-free and toxin-limited alternatives or just accept that there’s no hiding from the plethora of poisonous chemicals that surr ... Read More

Fish Farming 2.0

Few things are more satisfying for my father than casting a fishing line out into a lake. After his cast, he sits back in the boat, takes a sip of cold beer, flips on the radio, and waits in a Zen-lik ... Read More

How Vegan Is Your Brew?

Patio season is in full swing, but as you knock back a cold one, how sure are you that your libation is cruelty-free? Most of us don’t think to check whether our beer of choice is vegan, simply beca ... Read More

Giving Bike Tubes A Second Life

If you spend a lot of time on your bike, you’ve probably changed your fair share of tires. This season alone I’ve already gone through four tubes (I know, I really need to start patching), all of ... Read More

A Toilet That Harvests Energy

We’ve generally become quite diligent and disciplined at separating our waste – tossing food waste in the compost and recyclable packaging into a myriad of colorful bins, and returning bottles to ... Read More
Issue #63
July 16, 2012