Issue #62
July 9, 2012

Greenpeace And Radiohead Join Forces [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that global warming and the continued pursuit of fossil fuels pose a severe threat to polar bears and other Arctic species. Even if you hadn’t been paying attention, it was hard not to notice Coke’s campaign last winter when they slapped a polar bear on their cans to raise awareness of the problem (and presumably, to their record breaking donation to the WWF to help protect the animal). Yet even with the help of one of the largest consumer brand’s marketing budgets raising ... Read More

Curbing Panhandling With Puppies

Last fall, the Ethical Ocean team spent the better part of the fall in San Francisco. It’s a city that’s hard not to love, perhaps even impossible. But it’s not a city without its problems. Perhaps the most obvious to a visitor like me is the sheer number of panhandlers, clearly a symptom of the bigger problem that a lot of San Franciscans struggle to make ends meet. ... Read More

Naked Protestors: When Will The Cruelty Stop?

Hours after 3 people were gored at the historic Pamplona running of bulls, a naked demonstration was held demanding an end to the senseless brutality and cruelty. Painted head to toe in red and black, ... Read More

Fresh Water Hoarding Tourists

If you’ve ever traveled to an all inclusive resort in a developing country, this probably sounds familiar: an endless stream of drinks and food, lush gardens even if the surrounding area is complete ... Read More

Apple Ceases Listing Products for Environmental Rating

Last week Apple requested that all its products be removed from the national registry of environmentally sound products listed by EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool). ... Read More

How Much Is Left? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know that the world’s non-renewable resources are finite; we may not live in a way that shows that we fully understand this, but we all know it’s so. Usually in conversations about non-rene ... Read More

Mainstreaming Social Business

We’re big fans of and religious followers of the site that features businesses that have social impact at their core. So we asked Stephen King, the magazine’s founder, for the s ... Read More
Issue #62
July 9, 2012