Issue #61
July 2, 2012

Children Maimed By Machetes For Nestlé Chocolate

A recent inquiry by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) into Nestlé’s cocoa supply chain in the Ivory Coast concluded that children’s safety is put at risk in every phase of cocoa production. Be it injury from machetes while preparing the land, maintaining the farms, and harvesting the cocoa beans; from physical strain while nursing and planting of seedlings or carrying heavy loads; and from exposure to harmful chemicals while applying fertilizers and pesticides. ... Read More

Fashioning Change in Africa

In May, I wrote an article for Treehugger about whether the fashion industry, with its current fixation on African-inspired prints, was empowering or imperialistic in its relationship with the continent. In the end, my conclusions were underwhelming when it came to the big names doing much to help advance development. ... Read More

Summer Reading Series

There’s nothing like a good summer read for lounging in a hammock, on a dock, or under the shade of a big tree. And if you’re not feeling the 50 Shades phenomenon (or have read it three times and ... Read More

Is California’s Ban On Foie Gras Too Extreme?

I’ve never had it. To be honest, I’ve never really wanted to. And if you live in California, you’ll never be able to eat it there again. As of last Sunday, July 1, the state of California has ba ... Read More

Wheeling Across Africa For A Cause

The 2,500 mile journey from Nairobi to Cape Town is a long, slow and dusty one through some of the poorest countries on earth. Even by car, it can be a difficult and unpredictable trip. Yet Zackary Ki ... Read More

Cities Outpace Suburbs

For the first time since Henry Ford started rolling out the very cars that made suburban life possible, in 2011, America’s biggest cities grew at a faster rate than their surrounding ‘burbs. The ... Read More

Is GenRent Green?

I’m one of the millions of people across North America who have been dubbed ‘Generation Rent,’ the growing number of Gen Ys who are renting rather than buying their homes. ... Read More

Ten Tree Apparel

When you hear David Luba describe his time in O’ahu, Hawaii, it is as though he was dropped in paradise. I guess that makes sense when you consider that he left a frigid sub zero prairie winter in R ... Read More
Issue #61
July 2, 2012