Issue #60
June 25, 2012

Advertising Ethical Products

It’s not easy to design an effective advertisement that is both true to your brand and values, while also capturing people’s attention. When you’re advertising fair trade, organic, and eco products, it can be even trickier. It’s probably why American Apparel sells with sex. AA stands for locally made, sweatshop-free, organic clothing, or so they claim. But their advertising, which tends to be hyper sexualized and arguably degrading to women, makes no mention of the more ethical side of t ... Read More

Fair Trade Does Good, But Not Enough

We’re true believers in the power of Fair Trade. Paying producers a just wage isn’t only the right thing to do, but it also has the potential to transform lives of producers, their families, and their communities. Last week I had the great fortune of interviewing Paul Rice, CEO of Fair Trade USA about the power of Fair Trade, the difference it’s making, and why it’s still not quite doing enough. ... Read More

A Suicide Note For The Environment

I was optimistic before Rio+20 started. Few people were – the media, well, that which bothered to talk about it and make predictions for the UN Conference, all seemed convinced it would produce a l ... Read More

Censoring A 9 Year Old Blogger

Most people would be impressed by Martha Payne, a nine year old blogger from Scotland who has become better known by her nom de plume Veritus Ex Gustu, Latin for “Truth from Tasting.” Martha star ... Read More

Is Air Conditioning A Human Right?

Last week’s heat wave in the North East pushed temperatures close to 100 degrees. It broke me. After a long and sleepless night spent tossing and turning, we decided that this was not how we were go ... Read More

Huge Possibilities In Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources get a lot of flak from opponents who say they are expensive, unreliable, and not scalable. But with advances in green technology, our renewable energy options keep getting bet ... Read More

The World’s Most Sustainable Suit: I Want It

Last week Marks & Spencer unveiled what they’re calling the “world’s most sustainable suit.” For the past 10 years I’ve worked hard to consume responsibly. However, men’s business and ... Read More

Reason To Get Your Patriotism On

Canada has been getting a lot of flak lately. The response to student protests in Quebec, meek commitments to development, the abandonment of our goals under the Kyoto protocol, and the desire to dril ... Read More
Issue #60
June 25, 2012