Issue #59
June 21, 2012

Vote: Ads to End Animal Testing

At Ethical Ocean we care deeply for the well-being of animals. Recently I wrote an article about the state of animal testing in cosmetics. I saw that public opinion played a crucial role in the banning of cosmetics tested on animals in Europe. Posters and pictures, both provocative and emotional, bolstered the movement’s message and influence. ... Read More

Vegan Shoes Fit For The Red Carpet

In the past, we were forced to be animal-lovers or shoe-lovers. Leather and suede have long been mainstays in the shoe industry, and those shoes that were vegan generally screamed ‘hippie’ and ‘granola.’ That’s why we are so thankful for Arti Upadhyay, the designer, founder, and mastermind behind Neuaura. Her line is 100% vegan, designed with the environment in mind, and beautifully made. In many ways, Neuaura is a direct reflection of Arti herself. ... Read More

Bad News For Pabst-Lovers

There’s nothing nicer than a beer on a hot day, and if you’re in the US, that beer will likely come in a can. According to the Consumerist, we are in the midst of a canned beer renaissance. “Th ... Read More

Eat Packaging To Save Landfills

We’re a society addicted to plastic. Sure, more and more municipalities are outlawing plastic shopping bags, but we’re still consuming tons (literally) of it in other parts of our lives. Plastic i ... Read More

Animal Testing in Cosmetics in 2012 [VIDEO]

Yesterday, 27 women and men dressed as bunnies journeyed to Brussels to deliver over 200,000 signatures to the EU Commission. Here is what they are fighting for. ... Read More

Entrepreneurs Lead The Climate Crusade

Last week I sat down with Jon Koomey to discuss his recent book Cold Cash, Cool Climate. Unlike most books outlining solutions for addressing climate change, Koomey doesn’t focus on policymakers or ... Read More

KKK Expressway?

Would you drive on a stretch of highway adopted by the Ku Klux Klan? Motorists in Georgia may soon have to make that choice. A Georgia chapter of the KKK has applied to adopt a stretch of Route 515 as ... Read More
Issue #59
June 21, 2012