Issue #56
June 11, 2012

Making School Uniforms Fair

When it comes to Fair Trade, it’s no secret that England is way ahead of us in embracing and mainstreaming Fair Trade products. Now the Fairtrade Foundation wants British schoolchildren to wear Fair Trade cotton every day. The nonprofit’s Step Back to School in Fair-Trade Cotton campaign encourages kids and their parents to trade in their uniforms for those made out of certified Fair Trade cotton. ... Read More

Underwater Photography Competition [PHOTOS]

Seeing that we, at Ethical Ocean, obviously have a soft spot for sea turtles and all things that live in the ocean, I was pretty excited to see the results of the 2012 underwater photography competition. The annual contest, which attracted a whopping 11,000 entrants this year, awards Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the best of underwater photography in over 10 obscure photo categories. There are some spectacular shots that reminded me why we’re so inspired by the ocean here. ... Read More

Rent-A-Wife For Your Busy Life

I rarely pay attention to fliers posted on the bulletin boards at my local YMCA. But this morning, as I was walking across the change room, a flier caught my eye. It advertised a cleaning service... c ... Read More

5 Reasons I Love TED

If you’ve never watched a TED Talk before, do it now. Seriously, stop what you’re doing, and watch one. This is media worth consuming. It may even change your life. TED is a set of global conferen ... Read More

Bye, bye plastic. Hello reusable.

Last week, Toronto city councilors voted to ban plastic shopping bags by January 1, 2013. Toronto is the first major Canadian city to do so, joining Fort McMurray, Alberta and Tofino, B.C., as well a ... Read More

Disney Bans Junk Food Advertising

Growing up, I absolutely loved Saturday morning cartoons. And now, decades later I can still remember the arguments that would ensue on grocery shopping trips later that day, when I desperately wanted ... Read More

Rise Of The Frankensteak

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Pink Slime, a controversial technique in which the meat industry reuses leftover meat trimmings as filler in ground meat. But Pink Slime isn’t the only trick the meat ... Read More
Issue #56
June 11, 2012