Issue #54
June 4, 2012

A Microscopic Change With Massive Impact

I always thought it was a secret among runners: Asphalt looks hard and tough, but in reality, it’s quite soft. Compared to running on the sidewalk, a run on the road is far softer and more forgiving on the joints. Apparently though, the secret is out. And as it turns out, that soft forgiving road, while kind on the joints, is quite cruel to the environment and our wallets. ... Read More

Recycled Clothing Gets Certified

We’ve heard it before: the fashion industry is responsible for an astronomical amount of landfill. Our current culture of fast fashion—buying pieces intended for just one season or one event and then tossing them aside in favor of something new—is a huge part of the problem. But another aspect which garners far less attention is the sheer amount of off-cut fabric that is wasted in the production process or the countless pieces that simply never make it to market. Perfectly good materials ... Read More

IKEA Is Logging Old Growth Forests

IKEA is the third largest buyer of wood in the world behind The Home Depot and Lowes. While the company has built a squeaky clean public image during their ascent to stardom, IKEA is now facing allega ... Read More

The Disappearing Honeybee [INFOGRAPHIC]

Honeybees are mysteriously disappearing, literally, right out of their hives. But who cares right? Well, I do. Not only do bees keep us connected to the natural world, but they are fundamental to our ... Read More

Encouraging Safe Sex With Cash

Free has often been the model used to encourage safe sex in Africa, the continent that sadly remains the hotbed for HIV and AIDS. Free condoms. Free pamphlets. Free educational resources. However, one ... Read More

Nothing But White Skies Do I See

What would you give up to mitigate global warming? Some people give up driving their cars or eating red meat, while others stop using incandescent light bulbs or old appliances. Maybe you’ve alread ... Read More

Skip-The-Gym Summer Challenge

I love this time of year. With the arrival of summer in just a few weeks, it’s time to get back to running outdoors. I’m not one for running in the winter—too scared I’ll slip on ice and be to ... Read More
Issue #54
June 4, 2012