Issue #52
May 28, 2012

Should Cyclists Be Forced To Wear Helmets?

My friend Chris is an avid cyclist. His Facebook timeline is filled with posts about biking and what cities can do to encourage more of it. That’s why I was surprised when he recently riled against cities creating laws that require cyclists to wear helmets. I cycle to and from work everyday picking up a bike from my local bike share. To be honest, I used to ride helmetless – that is, until my better half tossed a helmet my way and gave me a stern ultimatum to start taking my safety seriously ... Read More

Why I Do Not Support Organic Agriculture

Concerns about the environmental sustainability of agriculture have led to a massive growth in public support for organic agriculture. This movement is often based on the assumption that organic agriculture is more ‘sustainable’ than conventional agriculture; there are however, a number of considerations that call this assumption into question. Two of the most important, yet largely unknown, facts are that organic agriculture increases soil erosion and depletes soil phosphorus. ... Read More

Workers Strike While We Shop

As always, Memorial Day deals were abundant this past weekend, drawing millions to malls across the country in search of low low prices. But just as major brands like Gap, J.Crew and H&M all offer ... Read More

Plastic Bags, Your Days Are Numbered

Oh plastic bags, this isn’t going well for you. Last week you lost a big ally in your effort to continue filling landfills, making your way into oceans, and serving as false food for animals the wor ... Read More

1,000,000 People for Spinach at Subway

Multinational restaurant chains go to great lengths to create a consistent experience. If a man from Arkansas walks into a McDonald’s in Russia, he expects the Quarter Pounder to be the exact same a ... Read More

Jerks Eat Organic

Every few years, a study that links ethical consumerism with unethical behavior gets published and fuels headlines like “How Green Makes You Mean” and “Prius Drivers Behaving Badly” all over m ... Read More
Issue #52
May 28, 2012