Issue #49
May 21, 2012

Inspirational Insanity vs. Practical Action

It’s easy to criticize the first solar powered boat that sailed around the world as being impractical – it’s a tremendous waste of money and design power, right? If we really care and want to make meaningful change in the area of renewable energy, shouldn’t we put resources into more practical, every-day applications like cheaper LED lighting, accessible smart meters, and more energy efficient appliances? ... Read More

Do Veggie Burgers Cause Global Warming?

Some of my friends choose to be vegetarian because they think it makes them better environmentalists. They argue, correctly, that a meat diet leaves a much larger carbon footprint than a vegetarian diet. But that’s only part of the story. These same vegetarian friends still eat processed foods by the boxful. And a diet that eliminates meat, but not heavily processed foods, won’t do much to reduce anyone’s carbon footprint, period. ... Read More

Run + Smog = Smoking?

Riding back into the city at the end of an early morning bike ride today, I noticed something I hadn’t seen since September: A heavy layer of smog engulfing the city and rendering the skyline little ... Read More

How Much Is Carbon-Neutral Worth?

There are few things in life that I love as much as really good chocolate. Raw, dark chocolate is a must-have in our kitchen, and I’ve been known to pay a pretty penny for truly delicious bars. Howe ... Read More

A Dolphin Saved My Life!

In Nov. 2011, Dick Van Dyke fell asleep on his surfboard and drifted far out to sea. Upon waking up, he certain he was going to die. Then miraculously, a school of bottle-nose dolphins showed up and ... Read More

When A City Is Too Dense

Last night I had dinner at a friend’s. He just moved into a beautiful downtown condo three months ago, and while we live just 5 miles from each other, the ‘city’ he lives in feels all together d ... Read More
Issue #49
May 21, 2012