Issue #47
May 14, 2012


When people find out I’m Canadian, there is one of three reactions I’ve come to expect: (1) a loudly stated ‘eh’ mockingly added to the end of their sentences, (2) quotes from the South Park movie, or (3) an exclamation that we’re such nice people. ... Read More

Eco Shopping Poll: Women Rule

IPSOS just released findings from a new study regarding the eco-friendly shopping preferences of Americans. When I heard there was a new report, I was excited - salivating at the anticipation that they’d uncovered new evidence of an explosive and authentic ethical shopping revolution. But alas, the poll describes only subtle growth and gentle intensions. ... Read More

Can you be an environmentalist and eat your steak too?

According to Jamie Kilstein, a Brooklyn-based political comedian and vegan, a meat-eating environmentalist is just plain oxymoronic. More eloquently put, in his recent article on GirlieGirl Army entit ... Read More

How to make any wood antiqued - DIY

Aside from the $0.99 spaghetti, I’m not much of an IKEA fan. I understand the attraction - the Swedish furniture maker fosters some pretty amazing design and they have mastered making beautiful item ... Read More

An Inconvenient Lawsuit: Global Warming brought to court

We hear a lot about how disengaged GenZ is, a group of teens often said to be more fixated on getting the latest app, updating their Facebook status, and knowing the whereabouts of Justin Bieber than ... Read More

Why I’ll Never Drive to Work

I have a car. I drive it on occasion, mostly on weekends. But I rarely touch it during the week. There’s no need—during the week, I only travel between work and home. For that commute, I take my ... Read More
Issue #47
May 14, 2012