Issue #46
May 10, 2012

Repairing a throwaway society

Remember back in the good old days when people actually fixed things when they broke rather than tossing them aside in favor of the newer, shinier model? Lately, it seems that cobblers, seamstresses, or someone who knows how to repair a stereo or TV are hard to come by. I have a pair of shoes in need of new soles and a broken stereo to prove it. ... Read More

Obama Comes Out

The New York Times called President Obama’s remarks on Wednesday in support of same-sex marriage a “watershed moment.” They likened it to Lyndon B. Johnson’s embrace of civil rights in 1964, not just because it was a bold move, but one that was undertaken despite the political risks it posed to the President’s popularity. Finally, they declared it the kind of moment where years from now, people will remember where they were when they watched the infamous interview. ... Read More

Greenpeace’s Latest Stunt: Banal or Effective?

Last week, in the lead-up to the French election, a Greenpeace activist circled a French nuclear power plant by motorized parachute and dropped a red smoke bomb on one of its main buildings. The stunt ... Read More

Cut your food waste cold turkey

It’s time to clean out my fridge. Despite my best intentions, every few months, things just pile up – leftovers left too long ago, sauces and condiments shoved to the back and promptly forgotten, ... Read More

Get noticed on World Fair Trade Day

For most people in North America, this Saturday will be quite like any other – perhaps gardening or other chores, shopping for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, or setting out on a weekend adventur ... Read More

Douchebag and other dirty words

A few weeks ago, Brenna from Ethical Ocean wrote a great article about Earth Day, but when sending it out to our mailing list she made a mistake; she used the word ‘lame’ to describe what she thi ... Read More

Only Criminals believe in Global Warming

Or, at least, that's what the Chicago-based Heartland Institute wants you to think. You might think they're full of shit. I do. The Heartland Institute is making its case in a new billboard campaign ... Read More
Issue #46
May 10, 2012