Issue #45
May 7, 2012

Clouds will Save Us from Climate Change

Be thankful for our fluffy friends in the sky. Not only have they entertained us for centuries by taking forms of lovable bunnies, steady footed tortoises, and more recently, objects from the industrial revolution, but they are our last hope for believing that we don't need to do anything to prevent climate change. It is a desperate hope that we must now cling to - that bits of water vapor high in the atmosphere will be our saving grace. ... Read More

Made In America

Last year, we ran a series of online advertisements to spread the word about Ethical Ocean. We ran eight ad campaigns, most in the feel-good vein. But we also tested another one that was bold, controversial, and well, not-so-feel-good. Anyone who has taken Marketing101 probably would have predicted that would be the ad that garnered the most attention, but given that our business is built on doing good when you shop, we thought we might be the exception to the rule. Turns out, we’re not: the ... Read More

The last straw for London restaurants

There have been a lot of nemeses in recent years when it comes to wasteful, single-use products: water bottles, coffee cups, plastic bags, anything Styrofoam. The campaigns against these items has cer ... Read More

The Bloody Battle over a Vegan Children’s Book

Author and illustrator Ruby Roth’s latest book, Vegan is Love, has critics howling. “It’s the most disturbing children’s book I’ve ever seen!” said child psychologist Robert Epstein, recen ... Read More

“Immigrants cause climate change” [NOT TRUE]

On his show last Wednesday, Stephen Colbert explained, to a roar of laughter, how immigrants cause climate change. Where does he get this stuff? From his writers, most of the time. But not in this ca ... Read More

Exercising for Energy

I tried to maintain my cadence in a spin class, but my mind wandered... I opened my eyes, looked around the studio. So much muscle power peddling these machines!—yet, we weren’t going anywhere. If ... Read More

Pink Slime: You are what you eat

I have a confession: I love to eat meat. Lots of it. I was a vegetarian for almost a decade, but eventually, the searing smell of a well-seasoned rare steak drew me back. I’m salivating just thin ... Read More
Issue #45
May 7, 2012