Issue #44
May 2, 2012

LUSH fights animal testing by “torturing” humans

Last week, international cosmetic giant LUSH Cosmetics took a look at the ugly side of the industry. The LUSH storefront window on London’s Regent Street, in one of London’s busiest shopping districts, was quickly turned into a tableau of cruelty that turned heads, left many feeling queasy, and made the company’s position on animal testing crystal clear. ... Read More

Barbie goes bald for a good cause

When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to play with Barbie. My mother feared that Barbie’s unrealistic proportions and stereotypical good looks would plant the seed for body-image issues that would haunt me later in life. At the time, I was furious – a victim of a great injustice! I dedicated myself to smuggling in the contraband doll, discovering an old stash of the dolls in my grandparents’ basement leftover from the 60s, gladly accepting any discarded dolls from friends who had given the ... Read More

Ethical Interview: Adria Vasil

Author and columnist Adria Vasil has made a career out of teaching us practical ways to lead a planet friendly life. In her newest book, Ecoholic Body, she makes things personal—taking aim at the to ... Read More

Study shows trees grow 8 times faster in Central Park

It seems that in the city that never sleeps, even the trees are operating on overdrive. Cornell University researchers planted red oaks in New York City’s Central Park and in locations further upst ... Read More

GOOD magazine, great ideas

When the first issue of GOOD magazine appeared in 2006, it stirred quite a bit of controversy. Now-retired publishing executive Chip Block said that: “[GOOD Magazine] sounds a lot to me like vanity ... Read More

The Top 10 Environmental Books of All Time

Studies show that an eReader is more environmentally friendly than a paper book, but only if you read more than 23 books on it. I have an eReader, but having not yet used it to read 23 books yet it’ ... Read More

5 reasons to dust off your bike for National Bike month

If doing good for the environment or the arrival of National Bike Month haven’t been reason enough to dust off the ol’ two wheels, here are some 5 more reasons to ditch the car and start biking. ... Read More

Favorite Quote - Dance with Rapture

Our favorite quote of the week is by the late D.H. Lawrence. Enjoy! "We ought to dance with rapture that we might be alive and part of the living incarnate cosmos." ... Read More
Issue #44
May 2, 2012