Issue #32
February 21, 2012

Being Green is Not Enough

Take that phrase to heart. It’s the most important lesson I’ve learned this past year. If I hadn’t learned it, Ethical Ocean would not be a success. Ethical Ocean is a social enterprise. Like all social enterprises, it was founded on the belief that a company can do good and still make money. We’ve done our best to achieve both goals—requiring us to be as green as we can, and at the same time, run a tight ship. Be businesslike. As a result, things are going pretty well. ... Read More

Chew on This...

Restaurant portion-sizes have ballooned. How common is it now to order a meal and get two- to four-times the amount of food we need—or even want? There’s nothing good about this. If we eat everything we’re served, we exceed our body’s requirements; loading up on calories, sugar and sodium. If we leave too much on our plates, we’re wasting food. Some 40 percent of the food produced in the U.S. is thrown away already—that’s 200 million pounds sent to landfills, instead of our mouths ... Read More

Trouble in the Hood

A few months ago, I was a guest at an entrepreneurial awards banquet. We saw men and women being recognized for starting thriving start-up companies; filling the room with an energy that made me feel ... Read More

Bring your appetite - and your own fork

Last week we posted this graphic on our Facebook wall. Not only did it get more ‘likes’ than anything we’ve ever put up, it sparked a heated discussion, too: Is there any truth to this messag ... Read More

PLB Design - Your Heart on your Sleeve

“When your T-shirt has a message, people read it,” says Pier-Luk Bouthillier. “They’re a great way to communicate ideas.” Making shirts—and statements—is how Pier-Luk makes a living. He ... Read More
Issue #32
February 21, 2012