Issue #30
January 24, 2012

The Bow Tie's Back. But do I want one?

I’m a big believer in purchasing good-quality clothes that’ll last me for years (it’s called ‘slow fashion,’ and it’s economical). Yes, this means I run the risk of not being the most en vogue in the room, but it also keeps my closet free of unfortunate, and expensive, one-season wonders. Norwegian curling pants, anyone? It’s not that I’m afraid of change. I just like investing in things I’ll still want to wear a year from now. ... Read More

Get a Little Something Back with these Valentine’s Day Gifts

Good news: You can shower your partner with a warm, sensual, sexy, sweet, or playful something and help the rest of the world too. One purchase, twice the positive karma! ... Read More

My Vegan Super Bowl Menu

Full-disclosure: I’m not a football fan. But I’ll happily jump on the bandwagon for a Sunday night party, especially if there’s great food. Thing is, the traditional Super Bowl party is a meat-e ... Read More

Senhoa - High Fashion meets Empowerment

“Express what you believe through what you wear,” says Lisa T. D. Nguyen, Senhoa’s founder. She’s not talking about t-shirts. When you buy a Senhoa product, you directly impact the lives of y ... Read More

Ethical Ocean: Your Newest "B Corp"

I am excited and proud to announce that Ethical Ocean is a Certified B Corporation™. B Corporations, or ‘B Corps,’ are a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social an ... Read More
Issue #30
January 24, 2012