Issue #29
December 5, 2011

Green Christmas - Santa's Carbon Footprint [Infographic]

We all know that with the end of December quickly approaching that Santa is busy getting everything set for his worldwide tour. The boots he has to fill sure can leave a large footprint behind, so we took a look at Santa's environmental impact, and tried to see if we could help him run a slightly more eco-friendly operation. ... Read More

Ethical Shopping: A Fad or Here to Stay?

As 21st century consumers, we know better than ever how our purchasing decisions can impact the world in a good way. Yet many of the world’s pressing problems—climate change, loss of biodiversity, industrial pollution, animal cruelty, labor rights violations, health concerns—remain driven, in part, by consumption. The issue isn’t how much information we have, but how we choose to act on it. ... Read More

BucketFeet: Wear a Pair and You're Wearing Art

Wear a pair of BucketFeet and you’re wearing art. It’s that simple. It’s the idea that inspired Aaron Firestein, back in 2007, to begin drawing on pairs of shoes and selling them out of his apar ... Read More

Heat up Your Winter Wear

The holiday decorations are up and you know what that means: season’s greetings and arrival of the winter solstice! For some of us, winter means wearing a wetsuit while surfing. For others, it mea ... Read More

Out of Time? Last Minute Holiday Gifts!

Running down to the wire for that perfect gift? No problem! Forget the crowded mall, we've put together the top gift ideas that don't require shipping and are still good for the world. You can order ... Read More
Issue #29
December 5, 2011