Issue #25
September 30, 2011

Halloween and Other Celebrations of the Departed

According to ancient Celtic beliefs, the evening of Halloween is a time when spirits and ghosts may cross into the realm of the living, harming them or even dragging them to the underworld. People disguised themselves as ghosts, monsters, and ghouls to trick the spirits into leaving them alone. The practice of going door to door dates back to early Medieval times when the poor asked for food or treats in return for prayers for the dead. Today, both practices have come together to morph into mo ... Read More

Buying Local vs. Fair Trade [Infographic]

Is it better to purchase food locally, or to support Fair Trade efforts? Our most recent infographic takes a look at both options. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. ... Read More

Vegan Stereotypes Get a Makeover

Ethical Ocean Interviews Chloé Jo Davis Joining GirlieGirl Army isn’t as tough as it sounds. The “glamazon guide to green living” is a playful online spot where you can learn to live the vegan ... Read More

Solyndra for Dummies - How a Good Idea can Lose $1 Billion

The folding of Solyndra made a lot more news than your typical bankruptcy. That’s no surprise. Solyndra, a California-based manufacturer of solar panels, didn’t just go belly up. It lost one bill ... Read More

Seller of the Week: Saakori

It’s no picnic, trying to be green in a disposable world. But Tanuja Dabir found a way. ... Read More
Issue #25
September 30, 2011