From Walmart to Literacy

From Walmart to Literacy

If your town is anything like ours, then you probably have more Walmarts than you know what to do with. Seems like an awful lot of wasted space for retail that could probably be put to a better use.

Well, in McAllen, Texas they felt the same way. And when the local McAllen Walmart shut its doors for good, they decided to use it as an opportunity to build a new communal space for their town. Rather than build another mecca of merchandise, they decided to turn their newly abandoned Walmart into a well designed, single floor public library.

Sporting a unique, modern feel the library includes the standard fiction, non-fiction, periodicals sections and even contains a Spanish language section for McAllen’s latino population. More incredibly, the library hosts a framers market all year so inhabitants have a consistent place to get fresh local produce.

You can read more about the library and see pictures at

January 7, 2015