Vegan Recipe Challenge is Back!

Vegan Recipe Challenge is Back!

A lot of people assume eating vegan means sacrifice, but we know nothing could be further from the truth. Sticking to a plant-based diet can be just as delicious as an omnivorous one, and best of all, tends to spur all kinds of creativity.

Serious creativity – like combining beet juice and amaranth to make faux-roe atop vegan sushi or even building a homemade (veganized) Big Mac for when that fast food craving ever comes up.

So we got together with some of the best vegan foodies out there who shared with us their favorite recipe – all part of our Vegan Recipe Challenge (in partnership with Vegan Cuts!). Now it’s up to you: who’s got the most mouth-watering, creative, heavenly recipe of all? The contest runs until May 17 so you have plenty of time to try them out.

Best of all, every time you vote you will be to win; if you vote for the winner you will be eligible to win in our final draw... for a $250 shopping spree at Ethical Ocean or a subscription to a Vegan Cuts’ Snack Pack for a year!

WARNING: There is a risk that you will salivate on your keyboard while browsing these recipes. Considered yourself warned.

May 1, 2013