Tips for a Vegan and Eco Road Trip

Tips for a Vegan and Eco Road Trip

I’m in the midst of a trip to Miami, nearly 1,500 miles from home. It’s the first multi-day road trip I’ve taken in years, and the first since adopting a plant-based diet.

In the past, I equated road trips with road trip food – bad gas station coffee, burgers and fries in quantities I would never eat at home, and snacks of candy and chips. The result: belly aches, an endless stream of garbage, and a fair chunk of cash spent.

This trip however was different. For one, the three of us travelling all eat a vegan diet, something that pit stop restaurants are rarely amicable to (French fries anyone?). Additionally, we were travelling to Miami for a triathalon, and so wanted to stick to healthy meals, similar to what we would eat in the lead up to a race back home. Finally, we all wanted to make a conscious effort to not produce a ton of food waste.

Here are some of the tips I learned for a vegan-friendly, low waste road trip:

  • Pack Food: We packed a giant bag and a cooler worth of food. We packed quinoa and pasta salads for lunches, and plenty of trail mix, veggies and hummus, and homemade Maple Pop Crunch for snacks (recipe courtesy of the one and only Meghan Telpner). We also brought a stack of containers with us, making it easy to split up snacks during the drive.
  • Full Service Accommodations: We had one overnight stop along the way. We didn’t care much about staying anywhere fancy, but found a hotel with a fridge (to refreeze our ice packs) and a continental breakfast so we could get boiling water in the morning for oatmeal and to make coffee on the go (these mugs were perfect if you hate gas station coffee or instant coffee as much as I do). (We packed our own almond milk knowing full well that the Travelodge was unlikely to have any on hand.)
  • Reusables: We had 6 water bottles in rotation which we’d refill at every pit stop to avoid buying bottled drinks. We also kept a few reusable grocery bags in the car to use when we stopped to pick up fresh produce (we couldn’t pack it from home since we had to cross a border).

What tips do you have for a lighter road trip?

October 29, 2012