Save the Humans

Save the Humans

In Rob Stewart’s new book, Save the Humans, the documentary filmmaker takes on a new quest: to save humanity. Much like his film Revolution, he writes about the making of Sharkwater and how that film sent him on the path to save humanity from ourselves.

His memoir takes us on a journey through his childhood and adolescence as a budding wildlife enthusiast, his educational pursuits in Africa, how he became Canada’s youngest scuba instructor, his time working with conservation organization Sea Shepherd, the time he contracted flesh eating disease and when he was chased by shark finning mafia. It’s a tale of adventure, all in the name of loving and studying those creatures he finds most fascinating. He can’t help but inspire the same awe and fascination in the reader. At times, some of his dangerous adventures could be a film in and of themselves.

Half memoir, half call to action, the book reveals startling information about the state of the environment: acidic oceans, desecrated coral reefs and their importance to the world’s ecosystems, staggering poverty and food shortages, deforestation and endangered species.

The end of the book is unnerving. He provides scientific evidence that paints a grim future if we don’t stop emissions and over consumption, starting now. We need a Revolution now. In fact, we needed it yesterday.

Rob's plan? He started a small conservation organization called United Conservationists with aspirations of guiding humanity towards saving the Earth. He has also started Sharkwater, a production company dedicated to creating and releasing films that connect audiences with the natural world. The man is on a mission. And if his two films and this book are any indication, he will not stop until he reaches his goal. And it is a hefty one, but the best and only one that all of us should be striving for. After all, in the words of Al Gore, "this is our only home."

Join Rob on this mission. We can all make a difference. Starting now.

October 9, 2012